I think that a combination of my higher participation on Plurk & Ravelry recently,  not very exciting knitting,  and the general summer laziness has resulted in not many blog updates.  I do have some interesting things going on though:

  1. I have mentioned before that I quit smoking and have been trying to get in shape this summer.  They are both going…well they are both going okay.  To give myself extra incentive, I have signed up for the Boston Race for the Cure on my coworker Kat’s team.  I’m looking forward to it, even though I haven’t ran outside before and I hadn’t even been on a treadmill for 2 years until last week.  So I have a month to get to a point where I’m not embarrassed to run outside.   My donation page is here, should you wish to contribute (thanks Amanda!).  I’m glad I’m doing this – while my father passed away from a different cancer, I know of many brave people who are going through this and I want to help as much as I can.
  2. I found out yesterday that my mom is coming to visit in September!  She’s never been to the East coast so I’m excited that she is actually coming out – she’s been promising for awhile now, but she finally bought her ticket yesterday.  It really made my day – I miss my family, everyone is back on the West Coast and seeing them twice a year just isn’t the same.
  3. I hinted at some changes coming up – well CoffeeBoy’s job is making him crazy and he might either be sent to Japan for a year very soon (sooner than expected) …or he may be out of a job in December.   In any case, we might be moving out of Lowell soon, which makes sense since I work in Cambridge. (the commute is getting to me – I like having the time to knit, but 3-4 hours total a day in transit for the past 6 months is getting ridiculous)  I’ll at least be at my job until March but after that, who knows?  I might be back in Portland.
  4. Okay, enough about life, you’re here more for the knitting.   Pair #3 in the Summer of Socks is complete.
Simple Stripey Socks

Simple Stripey Socks

Movie Knittin’ Socks

Started: July 19th

Completed: August 2nd

Yarn:  Ashabee Fiber Oasis Bamboo/Wool/Nylon Blend in Junior Mints

Pattern:  My basic sock: 64 stitches around, 6 inch cuff, short row heel, basic toe.

Needles – Size 1US KP Harmonys

poolin toes.  at least they match

Poolin' toes. At least they match

Notes: Not much to say on these – I’ve made this basic sock so many times that I can do them in my sleep.  Or rather, in a movie theater, which is why I had cast them on before seeing The Dark Knight in the first place.  It was kind of nice to do a simple sock again, even if I’m also doing a simple commuter sock at the moment and have a million sock patterns in my Ravelry queue.  I still love this yarn, the bamboo blend is lovely and I like the stripey ness of it.

With these socks, I have made a total of 12 pairs (and one abandoned) so far this year.  Guess that commute is good for something!

And tomorrow…Ravelympics starts!  I think I may even pause on the my usual commuting socks to concentrate on Opulent – I don’t think I’ve ever finished a sweater in two weeks so it’ll be quite the challenge!