I haven’t done a WiP post in awhile – mostly because I think they tend to be a little boring.  Especially now, when all I’m doing is socks.

New Commuter Socks

New Commuter Socks

And not only just socks, plain vanilla socks

The work at home/movies socks

The work at home/the movies socks

But really, there’s something soothing about working on a plain pair of stockinette socks.

So the top photo is my new commuter socks – I’m using Lion Brand Sock Ease for them.  A couple of folks told me to let them know what I thought about that yarn, as it is fairly new. My first impression is that it’s OK.  It’s very similar to Opal – not really that soft to work with, but not bad.  I think. like my 2 pairs of Opal socks,  they will hold up really well.  For instance, my Opal Parrot socks are holding up extremely well after 2 years of hard use and not particularly careful washing most of the time.  Anyway, the colors are a bit drab in this particular colorway, but since I have so many bright pairs of socks, something more muted is needed.   Oh and the aloe that’s supose to be in this yarn?  Can’t feel a difference at all.

The second photo is a sock I started before I saw The Dark Knight – I needed something to work on during the film.  It’s from Ashabee Fiber Oasis – her bamboo blend that I am crazy about.  My other pair of socks out of this is generally the first pair I reach for when I’m looking for something to wear, especially in warm weather.  The bamboo keeps my feet cooler than most of my pure wool socks and it just feels so nice on my feet.  I’m nearly done with this pair actually – only a couple more inches on the foot of the second – I just really love using this yarn.  Plus – nice stripes!

While I still love making socks (I counted my handknit pairs of socks – 18!  3/4 of which I knit in the past year!), I am now looking forward to August 8th.  Why?  Because I’m taking part in the Ravelympics!  And instead of keeping with socks, which I could easily finish in 2 weeks,  I’m going to challenge myself and make a sweater

Comfy yarn for a comfy hoodie

Comfy yarn for a comfy hoodie

I had started a hoodie out this, then frogged it back in May – it didn’t look right and then I decided to take a break from sweater making.   So time to get it going again! 🙂  I’m going to be part of (who else) Team Rubberneckers – it’s the only group I really post regularly in on Ravelry.  I’m looking forward to it, even though I don’t normally watch the olympics.  But it’s all in in good fun.  Anyway, the pattern is Hoodie Sweatshirt from Hip to Knit – which if I remember correctly was the first knitting book I ever bought.  It’s mostly going to be the sea blue/green colour, but I want to trim it in the brown – I really love the way these colours look together.

One last thing before I leave, I finally signed up for plurk – so if you are on there, let me know!  I go by BabblingStacey there as well.