Sorry to go all radio silence on this blog and in commenting in the blog world, but it’s been quite a week. I have some yarn purchases & some new WiPs & FOs but first…what’s been going on.

First of all, easily the best thing this week was finally meeting TheOtherAmanda!  Ever since a Secret Pal swap over a year ago, we’ve stayed in touch but attempts to meet have failed.  I mean I moved to the same city as her, it’s not my fault she moved away before I got here ;).  Then another time she was in town, I was in Houston for a conference.  So we finally got to grab a cup of coffee together (after we found the darn place) and chat – and of course I did not take one picture.  Still, I hope we will get to meet up again for a bit longer – I had to get back to work, she to her conference.

Also that same day, I was waiting for the train back home and I also got to meet Beth95, who spotted my Raverly bag and struck up a conversation.  It made the wait time for the train much more pleasant!  Gotta love that Raverly swag, bringing knitters together!

So now for the tough part of the week – I made the decision to quit smoking.  Again.  See, I did pretty well 2 years ago when I talked about it on here…then I met CoffeeBoy and I got hooked again.  It’s gotten pretty bad, especially over the past year and enough is enough.  It’s been pretty tough this time around, but I have a great support system both online at the Raverly Rubberneckers (which finally convinced me to quit) and in person with CB and my wonderful coworkers.  Of course, it does make it difficult because CB does smoke, as does my closest friend at work, but they have been great.  In fact, my coworker (I’ll just call her Kat) listened to be completly break down in her office on the first day over something not even important.  So while it’s been rough, I’ll push through.

And I picked a hell of a week to quit – work has been stressful and then CB & I have a life changing decision to make in the coming weeks that I don’t want get into until the decision has been made.  It’s not necessarily bad, but it is going to shake things up in our lives quite a bit.  No, I am not pregnant nor are we engaged, which seems to be the immediate thought.   I’ll probably have more details next week.

So that’s a quick update, I’ll try to actually get some pictures for the next post.

Oh before I forget – thanks to all who played along with the movie quote fun!  I seemed to have stumped some people!  So here’s the answers:

  1. A Fish Called Wanda – my favourite scene!  Funniest movie ever!
  2. Gosford Park – I love this movie, though I know no else who does.  It was like a dream come true….wonderfully funny chatty movie with all my fave Brit actors in one movie – Clive Owen!  Helen Mirren! Maggie Smith!  Stephen Fry! It was hard to find a quote, but I love this one from Dame Maggie Smith.
  3. Sense & Sensitivity – I think everyone already knows my Austen geekiness.  I’m also mad about Emma Thompson – her diary from the making of the movie is fabulous!
  4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – another one that was hard to find a quote from that didn’t totally give it away.
  5. Much Ado About Nothing – not only my fave Shakespeare play, my fave adaption.  Except for Keanu Reeves.
  6. The Thin Man – this one was tough, but I LOVE this movie – I love old movies and this one is so funny and quick witted.
  7. Persuasion.  I could have quoted Capt Harville’s entire speech – it’s so beautiful.
  8. Nightmare Before Christmas – Yep, I’m still a goth girl/Tim Burton nerd.
  9. Singles – Eddie Vedder’s big line.  I just related to this movie so much when this first came out, though I was a couple of years younger than the main characters.  I still love it to this day.
  10. Deadwood – I remember watching this scene with Wolcott’s monologue for the first time and just being blown away.  So creepy & scary, with the music and the murderous look on his face. I mean, I could have probably quoted anything from Deadwood – it’s such a brilliantly written show and I love every single character on it.  Even Cy.

Thanks for all who played along…more knitting updates over the weekend coming!