I finally finished the most boring socks pair of socks for my first pair of the summer.

CoffeeBoy socks on my feet

CoffeeBoy socks on my feet

CoffeeBoy’s Coffee Socks

Started: June 20th

Completed: July 12th

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss, Porchini, most of two skeins

Pattern: Generic Sock, eye of a Partridge heel, regular toe.  Added nylon thread to heels & toes

Needles: Size 2US Harmony dpns

Notes:  I finally finished these.  They were so boring – the pattern, the colour, the size, etc.  It’s the only thing I worked on while in Portland because I knew it would be difficult to get motivated to work on them while at home.  The saving grace is the yarn – I really love working wtih Gloss, even though I’m worried about shrinkage/felting with it.  But CB is happy to have a new pair of handknit socks, so I guess it was worth it.  He won’t notice the errors I made on the heel (I don’t know why I had such a problem with it this time).

I also finished one sock for my mom:

Moms Rockin (and Poolin) Socks

Mom's Rockin' (and Poolin') Socks

Luckily, she has smaller feet than CB or myself so the foot part went really quick – I turned the heel Saturday night while in a bar with CB (yes I was knitting, I was bored) and finished it by Sunday evening.  I don’t really care for the pattern (Rockin’ Socks from Blue Moon that my mom also purchased – I told her I had plenty of sock patterns, but she insisted.  I know it’s just a basic sock, it’s just not my basic sock) but since my mom started it, I figured I should just finish with it instead of ripping it out.  I did change the short row heel from the pattern – I just used the one I always use – and did a star toe for the first time.  So I guess I’m not really following that pattern, am I?  I’m worried about casting on for the second one – it’s obvious I have a different gauge than my mom and while I don’t mind pooling or fraternal twin socks – my mom probably won’t either – I would like them to look sorta similar (striping on the cuff).  I guess I’ll try it with the same needles and go down a size if it isn’t working.

Thank goodness I have a sock for myself on the needles that I love:

Clash Sock number 1

Clash Sock #1

My current commuter sock from the Punk Rock sock club.  I think the Thuja pattern works really well with it – I love the striping. Just a slight bit of pooling on the toe & that’s it – you know I don’t know why I’ve become obsessed with pooling, I never used to pay attention to it before (I guess I can thank Ravelry for that) It’s also my very first sock I’ve used size 0US needles on, which I didn’t think I would like, but I actualy do. It takes a bit longer but worth it; these socks will hold up nicely.