Since up in my heading I mention “reading” I thought I should have a post on books. I’ve been on a bit of a buying kick.

recent book purchases

recent book purchases

I’ve bought these since early May – some I bought in Portland because they were great deals ($3 for Wendy Knits, $2 for Running With Sissors). You’ll notice a couple of things:

  1. I get really into authors – when I read one book by them (Michael Pollan, Cokie Roberts, Augusten Burroughs), I usually immediately buy another, if not all of them.
  2. I’m behind the times – The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Founding Mothers, and Running With Scissors were all super popular while I was working at Borders, but I didn’t read them until now.
  3. I’ve really been into nonfiction at the moment but I do like a bit of brain candy once in awhile.
  4. These don’t include audio books – I just bought the new David Sedaris audio of When You Are Engulfed In Flames (best title ever), plus I bought a couple of Stephanie Pearl McPhee audios – Casts Off and At Knits End

Currently I’m reading Dry – after finishing Running with Scissors on the plane, I had to get the second one. I’m trying to finish Ladies of Liberty but I think I put it down too long.

Melissa recently posted a meme on her blog that I loved so even though I’ve gotten away from doing them, I had to do this one. I won’t tag anyone, but I hope others will do it – I really love reading book lists.

Guess who my favourite author is.  Just guess.

Guess who my favourite author is. Just guess.

1. One book that made you laugh: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchet. It’s my go to book when I’m sad.
2. One book that made you cry: I think there have been several so I’ll go with Little Women
3. One book that you loved as a child: So many. I was such a reader. I’ll go with The Cricket In Time Square. Or Bunnicula. I was really into talking animals. I still read a lot of “kid” books.

My kid books collection.  With added Shakespere!

My "kid" books collection. With added Shakespeare!

4. One book you’ve read more than once: There are tons – I am always rereading books. I try to read To Kill a Mockingbird at least once a year – hands down my favourite book of all time & I always get something new out of each reread.
5. One book you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it: The Stephanie Plum mysteries. I always read them within a week of their release, though this was the first time I’ve actually bought the hardcover – I was going to give it to my sister but she bought it already.
6. One book you hated: Of Mice & Men. Though I like other Steinbeck books
7. One book that scared you: The Shining by Stephen King it’s the only book I remember reading that I actually had to stop reading because I kept hearing noises and it scared me so much. Remember that episode of Friends where Joey had to put The Shining in the freezer? Yup, that’s me.
8. One book that bored you: Usually if a book bores me I stop reading it. I do think I slogged through Bleak House by Dickens.
9. One book that made you happy: Vince & Joy by Lisa Jewell, someone I think should be more popular than she is.
10. One book that made you miserable: Wuthering Heights is the first thing that comes to mind.
11. One book that you weren’t brave enough to read: Crime & Punishment because of the length, although I have read the unabridged Les Miserables and Anna Karinna
12. One book character you’ve fallen in love with: Fredrick Wentworth from Persuasion. My iPod Nano is named Fredrick. My other iPod is named Darcy.
13. The last book you read: Running with Scissors is the last one I’ve finished.
14. The next book you hope to read: After Dry, I plan on reading In Defense of Food.

Well that’s it! Let me know if you decided to do this meme – I would love to read it! 🙂