Yep, home from Oregon. I had a wonderful time – I miss Portland so very much. I know we will be back there at some point but it’s hard sometimes – I love my house there, I miss my family & friends and just the general Oregon-ness. Not that I hate MA at all – I really love parts of it – but Portland is my true home. It took moving across the country to realize that I think. Unfortunatly the one down part of my trip was the fact I’m allergic to the state – I could not stop sneezing & I think it’s turned into a cold. Joy!

I should be doing some work from home, but I’m trying to catch up with emails and blog reading (you know, really important stuff). And I want to share all my vacation & yarny adventures with you all – sorry for the long post but you can scroll through to see the pretty pictures 🙂

First, I spent about half my vacation with my family about 2 hours south of Portland. It was very relaxing, even if the 4 kids and 6 dogs was a little much by the end of the visit. I love them so much though.

My family watching their fireworks. I think this was a particularly noisy one, which explains all the ear covering going on.

I got to visit Ben Franklin, which, while it might look like a regular craft store, has an amazing selection of yarns – Cascade, Noro, Debbie Bliss, all the big names. I only purchased some sock yarn I hadn’t tried yet (shocking I know) and Lion Brand to boot.

It’s their new sock yarn, Sock Ease in Rock Candy, and it does seem really nice. I haven’t been a fan of most Lion Brand yarns, but I did like their sock yarn. This was the first time I’ve seen it.

While I was visiting, my mom decided she does not like knitting socks. Which is fine, it’s not for everyone of course. The thing is, at Black Sheep Gathering last year, she bought 3 skeins of STR. Guess who was the lucky recipient of her yarn? 🙂

They are mill ends, The one the right I know is Pink Granite, but I’m unsure of the other name.

She had started one sock, which I will either finish for her or simply rip it out & start again for her. I don’t know the name of this colour either.

She just asked I make her more socks, which I will gladly do.

The rest of the trip was hanging out with friends – CoffeeBoy & I had a fun karaoke night and 4th of July BBQ with a couple of friends (Hi Carmel!), dinner at an amazing tapas restaurant (Toro Boro) with other friends (Hi Amanda!) and I got to see some of my knitting buddies – I had a fantastic dinner with Rebel, Kate (and lovely husband) and Kellie at Rock Bottom – which was the perfect place because before hand I got to visit my old store to talk to the like 5 people I still know who work there. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures at dinner – I know I shouldn’t feel weird about taking pictures. We had a nice dinner & chat – it was great to see Rebel & Kate again and finally hang out with Kellie, who I only met really briefly last year.

The next day I went to lunch with the always wonderful Melissa. As an added bonus, she offered to give me a tour of her work place beforehand. How could I resist? Dudes, she works at the same company as Knit Picks!

Wall of KP yarns

Readers will know that I love Knit Picks – I do several orders a year and I almost always have at least one KP project on my KP needles. So getting to see all that yarn in person? Priceless.

New Imagination Yarns

I was already planning on placing an order soon for some of the new yarns and seeing the new colours & yarns in person – the Essential Kettle Dyed yarns are gorgeous! – I have to.

Melissa showing off the kettle dyed Essential

Thank you again Melissa, I had a great time!

After lunch, I headed back to the house but I decided I had to make one more stop before we left Portland.

My home.

I wanted to go when we were in Portland over the Winter holidays, but they were closed the exact time I was in town. I’ve missed it so much. While I do like the other Portland yarn shops well enough, Twisted is my true love. I could not ask for a better yarn shop – they have plenty to satisfy my sock yarn addiction and all my other favourite yarns. It just felt like “my” LYS.  I was even greeted by name – which was a nice surprise as it wasn’t like I spent all that much time in there and I’m not a big chatter (shy), not to mention it had been nearly a year!

So I did some major damage

Vacation Yarn Purchases

Yes, my STR from mom is in there too. I don’t want to make this post even longer, so I won’t post each skeins seperatly, but I’ll link to my Ravelry entry for all the close ups. What I bought: sock yarns: Ashabee Fiber Oasis in Junior Mints, Painted Skeins in Graphite (with bits of silver!) and STR in Lunasea. Non sock yarns: Alpaca with a Twist Highlander (to make another Panta) and Peaches & Creme in Dalmatian to make a little bag.

I think I need to learn to knit faster.

So I should actually get something done – unpack (more than just my yarn), catch up on work, clean up a little. It’s nice to be home, but I think my heart is still in Oregon.