Finished these last week, but I’m finally posting them. I kept putting them off because I wasn’t as happy with them as I have been with my socks.

CrossCommuter Socks

CrossCommuter Socks

Started: May 29th

Completed: June 19th

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, Nightwatch

Pattern: Crosshatch Lace from More Sensational Knitted Socks

Needles: 1US Harmony dpns

Notes: I am kind of eh on them – I got sick of the pattern and they are a bit small on me – all my fault, I somehow made the foot too small, which is strange because I have made countless socks for myself. Ah well, they are pretty. I may just give them to my mom.

washed out shot

Sorry for the washed out shot, but it gives an interesting look at the pattern. Yes those are my stripey socks under them.

Smooshy is a lovely lovely yarn – I really like working with semi-solids. I don’t think I’m as gaga over it as everyone else in the knitting world, but it is a nice yarn. I think I might have liked this pattern & yarn better on a larger needle size, like a 1.5US or 2Us.

1 sock

I used the Reversi heel again – I love how it looks. The rest was just my regular sock pattern – top down, CO 72, 2×2 rib for an inch, cuff is about 7 inches, Reversi heel, regular toe. Not much else to say about them. It always seems to happen this way, I finish 2 projects at the same time and one I always like more than the other. Poor socks.

I started another pair this weekend for my “home” project.

Another boring pair of socks for CoffeeBoy, this time out of Gloss in Porchni. I’m actually a lot farther along now, I took this picture yesterday morning and worked on it all day, watching some Deadwood dvds – man, I miss that show so much. I caught the first episode on HBO last week and have been wanting to rewatch it all week. In any case, it’s a simple stockinette sock – I tried to get him to agree to a pattern or cables or even some stripes but no. Just plain brown socks. Sigh. But he does appreciate the socks I make for him – he wears the first pair at least once a week and always looks at me sadly when I’m working on other socks at home. So I guess it’s worth it, though I keep looking longingly at my hand dyed yarn while I’m working on them. I even offered up my All Raveled Up Sock Club’s CodeMonkey for him!


It’s actually a little darker than this, but definitly more “guy” colours. But CB wouldn’t go for it. Ah well.

Plain brown socks it is then.