(as you might guess, this post contains photos of the June shipment of Lotus Yarns‘ Punk Rock Sock Club. You are officially warned)

I like to think of myself as a punk rocker, though maybe on the inside more than the outside (I recently took out my eyebrow ring that I’ve had for 12 years – am I a grown up now? The horrors!) I adore the Ramones and others from the 70’s NYC Punk scene, and, of course, the 70’s British scene. 2 fantastic books to check out if you love the punk scene – Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil and England’s Dreaming by Jon Savage – fantastic books. Which brings me to my current Commuter socks

The Clash! When Melanie mentioned this sock club on her blog, I jumped all over it (embarrassing fact – even thought I was dead tired, I stayed up late to make sure I got into this club , refreshing her blog every couple of minutes when midnight hit.) This is really my first sock club and  I am so happy I joined. This yarn is lovely and it’s my first time using size 0US needles (yes, I bought more, after snapping the others – can I tell you how paranoid I am all the time now?) I’m using the Thuja pattern – I’ve been going back & forth with a pattern for this and just decided to go with an old standby. I am seriously happy with this – it might take awhile, but it’s worth it.

The LA punk scene more your style? Try We Got the Neutron Bomb by Marc Spitz which includes Redd Kross (personal fave – there’s unasked for suggestion for ya Melanie! 🙂 ), the Runaways, X, and of course Black Flag and my secret boyfriend Henry Rollins.

I. Love. This. I love the colours! Honestly, pink, yellow and orange would not make me think of Black Flag, but wow, Mel really captured the Loose Nut album cover. Amazing.

Pretty pretty pretty

Can I really start yet another pair of socks? Sigh. No. I’ll just have to knit my current WiPs extra fast.

Yep I still have more sock stuff to post about, an FO and a WiP, probably tomorrow.