More than just when I’m outside. In my overheated rush to post last weekend, I completely forgot to write about what CoffeeBoy and I did before the heat wave hit. And since it’s pretty slow here at work this week (most of my team are out of town) I thought I’d tell you a bit about it.

On Friday night we made our way to the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts for a Couples Cooking Class (which I must hasten to point out was not some mad idea of mine, but actually CB’s). You see, over the past year, we’ve become big foodies – we try to go out to a nice dinner once a week and usually take turns cooking the rest of the week – trying out new dishes and spices. Not to mention IronChef and Top Chef are must see TV in our household, as well as a host over other cooking and food shows (we usually watch Tyler and Jamie Oliver on Saturday mornings; CB enjoys Bobby Flay (I think he’s a dink, but I like some of his dishes); I like Alton Brown (CB does not); we both worship Anthony Bourdain). So we thought we try learning some new cooking techniques and the attraction of using a big commercial kitchen and equipment and no of washing dishes was a deciding factor.

It was so much fun! We chose the Asian cooking class -not our first choice, but the classes fill up fast and it was open when we decided to do it a month ago. There were 3 other couples and each couple choses a dish from the list and gets help from the instructors in putting it together. We actually chose two – while I like to cook, I really love to do pastries and deserts (oddly, I don’t really have much of sweet tooth but I like putting together pretty deserts). While we both worked together on them, CB mostly did the Spicy Pork dish with rice noodles (like Pad Thai actually) and I mostly did a Egg Custard Tart. The instructor’s assistant was a pastry student so that was great – I hadn’t made too many pastry crusts, and she was probably happy to work with me since she actually didn’t know that much about Asian cooking. I think the custards turned out pretty well, but they took so long, they were still pretty warm when we ate them. They would have been much better if they were chilled. Our main dish was okay – I mean it was good, but I think the noodles ended up a bit soggy (my fault, I let them soak too long while I was playing with the pastry dough.) We picked up a lot of preparation tips – some of them were so “Duh! Why didn’t we realize that?” and I can’t wait to try them out at home when I actually feel like cooking at home again.

We both had a great time – there was drinks (sake and Japanese beer) and lots of great food – at the end, all the couples share their dishes. While the other couples would not usually be the people we would hang out with, they were pleasant enough and I think everyone had fun. I wish I would have taken pictures, but we were much too busy! As soon as we got home, we immediately signed up for another – French Cooking this time, which CB is very excited about (my vote was for the Healthy Cooking, going on at the same time but alas). It isn’t until mid July though. They also have a Wine & Cooking one in August but sadly, it is filled up now.

In another news…

Clapotis is done. Finally. Just in time for the hottest day of the heat wave. More details and pictures tomorrow or the next day