While not on a scale of other issues in my world – high gas prices, money, health, worry several other personal things – I am having issues starting my new commuter socks.

It always seems this way, I finish a pair of amazing socks (I am really proud of my Reversi socks, seriously the nicest socks I’ve made) and I have trouble starting a new pair.  Nothing will be as good, I think to myself.  All socks are compared to the last ones I made.

First the tragic tale of my broken size 0 needles and the fact that the Clash yarn does not look as good on a larger size. I have since ordered a new pair of Harmony 0’s but that won’t be here for another week. (And a side note to all you dpn haters:  I have also ordered a size 1US 40 inch circ needle to try out magic looping.  Happy? 🙂 )  So I put the Clash away for another day.

So I went stash diving and came up with some Socks That Rock mediumweight mill end I bought over a year ago.  I haven’t actually knit any STR socks in mediumweight – 3 pairs of heavyweight, but not anything smaller.  This will be a delight, I love STR.  I picked out a pattern I really liked from More Sensational Socks (no purling!) and went to town.

And I hate it.  I don’t like how the colours are pooling – I don’t usually have an issue with pooling, but I don’t like these colours together.  Also, while I love the pattern, I don’t like it with this yarn or this weight.  After 2 days of commuter rail work,  I frogged it last night while CoffeeBoy watched in horror. (“You’re just…pulling that all out?”)

So instead I pulled out my Smooshy.

Also purchased quite awhile ago.  But maybe what I needed was more subtle colours.  So I cast on this morning, hoping this one will take.  But this seriously puts me behind on the commuter socks – i play a little game to see how quickly I can knit up a pair of socks – 3 weeks or 15 working days seems to be my average, but 2 wasted days on the ill fated STR and a holiday this week to boot has screwed up my average.

Sigh.  I think I think about my commuter socks way more than necessary.