Worked on Clapotis

Okay, we did go into Boston on Saturday to see some of Earth Fest (which was packed with a lot of people who annoyed me so we left) and then met up for ice cream with my best friend & husband and another couple I know.  It was nice to see them, since they were leaving town for rest of the week.

My birthday was pretty much spent knitting – even though it was really nice out, my back hurt & I didn’t want to go anywhere.  We did go to dinner though (Blue Teleh, my fave), then came home and watched Iron Chef while drinking a lot of wine.  Aren’t I a crazy partier?

Today we went to see the new Indy movie. (we enjoyed it for what it was – a fun movie) and did some grocery shopping (Trader Joe’s) and are now pretty much just hanging out at home.

It’s perfect weather for BBQ but…we don’t really have many friends or any family here.  Everyone I’m friends with lives much closer in and are gone this weekend anyway (the most annoying thing about my birthday, it always falls on Memorial Day weekend).  We also don’t really have much of a yard to actually invite anyone over for one – It makes me really miss OR on days like this.  Our friends are there and our house has a gorgeous back porch that we didn’t get to use for entertaining that much.  I do love my job, but I just miss a lot of things about Portland.

At least I have a pretty Clapotis.