Good Thing: It’s a three day weekend (that includes my birthday!) and the weather is supose to be really nice.

Bad Thing: I will officially be in my mid-30’s on Sunday, we don’t really have much for plans or money to do anything, and it’s the time of the month I would prefer to curl up on the couch & eat chocolate (sorry folks)

Good Thing: I joined a gym and worked out three times this week!

Bad Thing: I couldn’t button a pair of shorts I bought yesterday. (No I didn’t try them on in the store – I HATE trying on clothes/shopping for anything beyond yarn or books – but in my defense, these are the same size & style of the jeans I wear all the time and a different pair of shorts I bought yesterday that fit just fine). It was not a pleasant way to start my day.

Good Thing: I finished my Reversi commuter socks!

Started: April 23

Completed: May 22

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss in Pumpkin

Pattern: Reversi by Mean Girl Jen

Needles: Size 1US Harmony

Notes: I think these are the loveliest socks I’ve ever made.

I realized I have, out of all of the socks I’ve knit, never made a solid colour pair until now. And I’ve never really used the colour orange for anything. And most of the socks I make are plain or some sort of ribbing. And so I love everything about these socks – the yarn, the colour, the pattern, the fit, everything! I especially love the unique heel on these.

I’ve already received (unsolicited!) comments on them – one from a fellow knitter in the locker room of the gym who spotted them and one from my new direct manager at work who raved about them (I made the baby sweater for her – which turned out cute, but the picture did not). So that’s always flattering. I think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of these.

Bad Thing: Before I could even sit down on the train this morning I somehow managed to hit my bag just right where I snapped ALL FIVE OF MY SIZE 0 DPNS for my new commuter socks. Now that takes talent. It also made a very boring ride back & forth to work.

But I’ll leave it on one last Good Thing. Happy Holiday Weekend All!

Apparently all I take pictures of these days is baby geese. But I couldn’t resist when I saw them this morning.