(note: This post contains photos of 2 sock yarn clubs I belong to. While I personally don’t have a problem of seeing sock club yarns before I get them, I feel I should put up a note for anyone who does not want to see the May yarns from The All Raveled Up Sock Club and The Punk Rock Sock Club. So here’s more goslings & I’ll see you next time!)

I so love getting packages in the mail, and Thursday & Friday were especially good!

Okay, I actually did buy the Interweave Knits in the store. And this doesn’t show all my Ravelry swag, but it does show my 2 favourite items – the tote bag (I happened to be online when the store opened, which was good luck for me as these went pretty quick) and the Animal tshirt. I. Love. These. The tote is perfect, my purse fits in it as well as all my workday “needs” and the strap is long enough to not bother me. I took it work – it’s perfect for the knitting commuter! As for the shirt, it’s by far my favourite shirt at the moment – it’s so soft & comfy, I was worried about the sizing, but it does fit pretty well even with my boobage and Buddha belly.

I also got a Vegetable shirt, which I immediately wore to work – it’s subtle enough to wear under a cardigan (the Comfy Cardigan in fact) but I like the animal fit much better.

I also got the other tote.

Mina was very interested in what I was taking pictures of so I threw the bag on her too πŸ™‚ I like this bag very much it’s actually been nice for knitting projects and will be good for Farmers Market shopping -although I have had to explain what it means to non Ravelers.

The other lovely things I got this week was my first ever Sock Club yarn shipments! I joined 3 this year in all – The All Raveled Up Club from Blue Hands Fibers (it’s all about Ravelry this week apparently!) and the Punk Rock Sock Club from Lotus Yarns and Scout’s Swag. I guess I figured since I’ve become quite a sock knitter in the past year, it was time! Both of my first shipments showed up on the same day.


Oooo, I like this a lot! Such pretty colors and since it’s named for Bob, I need to find an appropriate pattern for it. I thought about Nutkin but I might save it for…

The Clash! These will be my next Commuter Socks – I’m on the heel of Reversi, so I’ll probably be starting them this week! I love this – I love the Clash & I think this a perfect combo to capture them. I can’t wait!

The end of the weekend draws near, but at least I’ll have my swag to keep me company my commute!