Once again I find myself with a lot to say!  It has been a great couple of days in my life.

Biggest news is, I’m officially a full time member at the company I’ve been temping at since November!  I’m so excited, it’s been rough 3 weeks since my first interview for this position and I found out on Thursday that this job they created is mine!  My official title is Conference Coordinator – most of my focus is the big conference that we hold every February (when I went to TX), I’ll be dealing with speaker, invites, sponsorships, etc.  My focus up until now has been on sponsorships – looking for potential sponsors, getting contact info and details from sponsors already signed, so this will be a nice change (I’ve been a little bored lately).  Everyone in the events department is wonderful & I so much enjoy working there, even if I still don’t know much about the the sector my company deals with (they are an energy research group).  I’m learning though!  So I officially start in my new position on Monday – so yah!

And you know what this means?  More Commuter Socks!

My happiness is a bit conflicted though – while CB is really happy for me because this is what I wanted, I think he’s a little sad because this means we won’t be moving back to Portland for quite awhile.  All he wants to do is go back to Portland, he’s not happy in his job or where we live and just misses his friends & the atmosphere in Portland.  I can understand that, my job makes me happy & I work in a beautiful area of Cambridge with a lot of fun people, while he’s stuck pretty much in areas he does not want to be in and coworkers he does not like.  It’s a bit stressful, but we are working through it – I do miss Portland A LOT (especially my friends/family and of course my beautiful house) but I made the decision back in January to make the best of things.  I just don’t think he wants to do that, which is a bit stressful for me. (not to mention he bitched about Portland the last couple of months we were there too – I personally think he’s got the “the grass is always greener” mentality).

Sorry about the vent.  How about some cute baby geese?

Saw all these guys while I was walking to the train station yesterday – so cute & fluffy!  There’s a bunch more on my flickr page too.

So to change tracks…It’s time I admit something.

I have caught the Clap.

Okay, not THE Clap, but I randomly decided to try out the extremely famous Clapotis – I wasn’t all that interested in it until I bought the Silky Malabrigo & saw some FOs on Ravlery.  I knew I wanted to make a nice scarf/stole & thought I may as well try it out since so many people love it so much.  I’m done with the increases & I’ve dropped one row.  I am enjoying it, thought I don’t think my dropped row is that attractive, I’m hoping that it’Il be one of those projects that comes together at the end. I do love the colours.  Especially since I knocked over a glass of celebratory red wine on Thursday and a lot of it splashed on my poor project – luckily it blended in well!

Although I have put it aside this weekend to start yet another WiP (there are, count ’em 8 current WiPs in my Ravelry queue – a record for me.)  My new direct manager at work is the sweetest woman I have ever met and is having her second child in a few weeks.  We are having a surprise baby shower for her this week so I want to make sure I have something for her!

Just a little baby sweater out of Comfy, maybe some booties & a hat if I have enough.  I love knitting for babies (so cute! so quick!) but I do not know any babies at the moment, nor am I the type to make stuff to store for any future babies I will probably not have.   So this was a good excuse!  I want to make a little stuffed toy too, but I may just do that separately (probably something from Mochimochi, since I love those critters).

Okay, tomorrow will have to be the swag I received Thursday & Friday or this post will just go on & on – see I told you it’s been a nice couple of days!