After such a lovely weekend, it was difficult to get moving this morning (the cold & gray weather didn’t help).  Luckily I had some cheerful socks to keep me company on the train ride in.

This is the wonderful Reversi Socks from Jen at 144 Inches of I-Cord.  I’m mixing up my commuter socks a bit – first of all, no I haven’t finished the Not Quite Knee-Highs – though I do work on them at the movies (Ironman last weekend – love it!) or in the car.  Second, I’ve moved away from the plain stockinette socks I normally do. I just needed something a little more interesting to do on the train and this pattern is very easy to follow and looks great.

(yes, those are my dvds in the back ground, as well as the new project CB is doing – ripping out the the wood paneling so we can paint the walls)

Anyway, I love these socks and I really enjoy working with Gloss – it’s my first time & it’s lovely, though I need to be careful when washing it – I normally wash my handknits in cold on gentle and air dry them, but some of my older socks even shrunk in that and I hear that Gloss has the same problem.  I’ve been moving towards orange lately (colour of the week!) – I’m currently wearing an orange tshirt & a skirt with orange in it and my recent Malabrigo Silky Merino has a lot of orange in it.  It’s funny, it’s just not a colour I’m normally drawn to; I guess I’m trying to expand my colour palette more than the greens/blues/purples/reds I seem to get. (See previous post for an example of that.)

I did recently realize that most of my projects I’m working on are in KnitPicks yarn – do you think I have a problem or something?  I did start a new project this weekend in non Knit Picks yarn, but I’ll wait until it can have it’s own post before talking about it.