Okay, not really, but I liked the band.  I kept meaning to post for the past week, but wanted to wait until I heard about the job…but I still don’t know – it looks good, but still, I don’t know for sure (and spilling water on my work laptop doesn’t really work in my favor! 😦 Argh, dumb dumb dumb – at least the IT girl was cool and happy I told her instead of trying to hid it. )  But!  I want a happy post.  So things today that made me happy:

Sunshine & warmth after a week of dreariness & cold.

Cute new shoes!

Flowers in bloom (even if my allergies have kicked in).

And a Comfy new sweater I never want to take off.

(I know I don’t look very happy but I do love love love this sweater.  There was just something wrong with all of the “happy Stacey” pictures – blurry, joggers or bikers going by (and staring) in the background or just a truly terrible picture.  So it’ll be a “squinty frowny Stacey” for now and I’ll post the stats on the Comfy Cardigan with a happier picture later this week – I haven’t added the button yet in any case but I was so excited to wear it!)