Well, these are now the Not Quite Knee High Commuter Socks.

Once again, my fear of running out of yarn stopped me from making too long of socks. I have about 12 inches of cuff, so they are a decent length, just not even close to the knee. The length from the bottom of my foot to my knee is about 20 inches…so if I want knee highs, I’m going to have to buy at least another ball of yarn!

I thought I wouldn’t like the more uniformed stripes in the new Felici (the older, like my Stripey Commuter Socks, has random length of stripes) but it was really helpful on the decreases – every 3 stripes I would decrease, which is about an inch.

I’ll probably finish the toe of this one tonight on the train, then it’s time for the second! I haven’t only worked on this on the train, like my normal commuter socks – I had to do the afterthought heel at home because I couldn’t remember how to do one. And I just love this yarn so much I only want to work on these!

I love my stripes!