I have to quit having so much time between posts! Then I feel I have a long list of what I want to say & either the post is way too long for my liking…or it’s a bunch of disjointed paragraphs & pictures. This has turned out to be the latter.

So…where to begin.

Well, one reason I haven’t been in the mood to write…it’s been freaking gorgeous here all week! I stayed in late in Boston a few times this week – enjoying the weather and getting some extra exercise in (of course one long walk involved going to a yarn store…but exercise is exercise!) It was a nice break from the cold & damp, which showed back up today and it makes me feel more active. CB and I head out to Gloucester to see the ocean yesterday, which was so nice.

But the biggest distraction has been…I had my interview this week at work for a full time position. I’ve been a temp there since December and with the economy the way it is, they’ve been cutting back on hiring. But they decided that my current position and the other temp girl’s position combined is an important enough for the company to create a permanent job. So, fingers crossed! The other girl, for whatever reason, isn’t it applying for it, but they still had to post the position to the website. I just really like where I work – what I do, the people I work with, the location, everything! So hopefully I’ll hear something this week. I’m lucky because my boss/friend is a huge cheerleader on my behalf and I get along really well with the rest of the events team I work with.

After a couple of weeks of sock knitting – I cast on another pair – I’ve been steadily working on the Comfy Caridgan

I finally finished the sleeves & attached them – NOT fun I might add, I think I’ll stick with top down sweaters. I’m a little worried about the overall fit, but I should have it done this week. I still adore this yarn,so much in fact, I got a box full this week. This will be my next sweater:

I’m planning on making a hoodie – I haven’t settled on a pattern yet, but I might end up combining several together – I know I want a longish one like my Central Park Hoodie, but minus the cabling I think, because of the two different colours. I definitely want a zipper (scary!) and pockets. I know I’m going to use the Sea Foam for the main part, and trim it in the Fedora (I love sea-blue and chocolate brown – it’s one of my favourite colour combos).

I also started yet another pair of socks. Like Zonda – I’m working on Reversi, but in a colour I usually don’t choose – oranage!

That’s Gloss in Pumpkin – I’m not very far into them yet because of the afore mentioned Comfy as well as my Commuter socks, which I worked on a bit at home. But soon!

I’ve been drawn to orange this week (yeah, I know, I’m all out season with it), my other big purchase this week was more Malabrigo Silky Merino.

Oh gods, this stuff is wonderful. The colours are pretty washed out in this photo but I think this will be a gorgeous fall scarf/shawl…maybe even the famous Clapotis

Last bit of fun – something I spotted in Gloucester.

Man, they can’t even spell my name right.