Nope, not just a Mondays Sock post. I’m so bloody exhausted today – I just did not sleep last night. There were a lot of strange noises (such as a car accident!) in the neighborhood and I think I probably I had a little too much caffeine yesterday, which made impossible to shut my brain off.. Had a wonderful day though, we went into Boston with my best friend & her husband for some exploring in Harvard Square and other areas and luckily Debb is a crafty girl as well (though a scrapper rather than a knitter), so it wasn’t hard to convince her to come with me to Woolcott (where I picked up some Malabrigo Silky Merino! Yum!) and Spark (which has all sorts of crafty things, include scrappy things for her). Very fun day, weather was nice, and we got A LOT of walking in – so it’s amazing I didn’t fall right to sleep after John Adams (where I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried my eyes out. Abagail & John! America’s Love Story!).

But alas, Monday always comes, and while it’ll probably be a quiet day (this will be my first Patriots Day in MA – not a holiday that I knew much about), I’m still here. And I have some new commuter socks to show off.

Once again, I’ve got Felici on the needles. I. Love. This. Yarn. Seriously, best price & feels so nice to knit with. I decided, since it’s such a fun stripey yarn (Gelato) with good yardage, to go with my first ever knee highs. Yes I should have gone toe up, but when it was time to cast on, I didn’t have any instructions with me, so it’s my usual cuff down instead. I figured, even if I run short, I have plenty of sock yarn I can use for toes. And this time, I’ll be doing an afterthought heel.

Although I realize, wool knee highs are probably not the best socks to make now.

But I have another sock on the needles, not a commuter sock this time:

Once again, we have more Knit Picks yarn – this time Risata. I started this a week back when CB & I were talking about going to the movies & all my projects at the time required a chart of some sort. So plain ol’ boring socks it is. I wanted to play with this yarn in any case, plus I’m going to need some summery socks soon. I sat on the porch most of the day Saturday working on these, getting a little sun & enjoying the warm air.

The Comfy Cardigan is still on the needles, but I’m in sleeve land at the moment, so it’s not that exciting. I hope to have some updated pictures very soon. Not only that – sigh – I have another box of Knit Picks for my next Comfy project showing up this week. I think I need an intervention.

And now, to work.