Just in time for the warm weather – wool socks!

Okay, so they are 50% merino, 50% Tencel so not too toasty warm. They feel nice & silky actually.

I (heart) them

I (heart) Commuter Socks

Started: March 26th

Completed: April 16th

Yarn: Seacoast Handpainted Yarns Merino/Tencel in Blueberries & Apricots

Pattern: (Black)hearted by my fellow MA sock knitter Stariel

Needles: Size 1US Harmony dpns

Notes: First of all, I wish I had chosen a different yarn for this pattern – I love both, but the stripes really obscure the cute little hearts. Sad because I had the bright idea to add the heart to the foot to show when I wear my Mary Janes – although I put it too far up on the foot, so only these shoes work. Which is fine, I love these shoes.

Also, note to self, when knitting stripey socks, use an afterthought heel. I’ve done them before, but didn’t think of it until I was doing the gusset on the the second socks (did both at once). Ah well, I actually didn’t know this yarn was going to stripe so nicely. The shoe straps obscure the odd pooling anyway. I think the only changes I made to the pattern was adding the little heart on the foot & made a plain cuff rather than the very pretty fancy ones – I try to make my commuter socks as simple as possible šŸ™‚ And I’m boring that way.

I broke these in in a big way – on Thursday I met my best friend for lunch at Faneuil Hall (extra fun since I’m addicted to John Adams on HBO- and I’m currently reading Founding Mothers. I love living in (ok, near) such an interesting historical city). Since it was so nice out, I walked. It was a very long walk & was in a hurry to get there, because I didn’t leave enough time. Boy I was sore (but feet were very comfy). But I am working on getting in shape because I’ve been so miserable this week, just hating myself when I look in the mirror – I tried to go shopping for some summery clothes & ended up buying nothing because I just couldn’t bear to try on anything. So I’ve joined up with some fellow knitters in the Fitness-A-Long!

Hopefully that will help my mood, poor CoffeeBoy has to put up with my dark self loathing mood all week.

One thing that did make me smile – I’m a knitting princess! šŸ™‚ Aww…And just in time for my next Commuter Socks. šŸ™‚ (that will make more sense when I unveil them on Monday)