I swear, I think this sweater hates me.

I finished it – oh nearly 2 weeks ago – and I haven’t until now gotten a picture of it (and not really a great one either).  First, the ends curl – my fault because I put the lace on the bottom and on the arm cuffs but didn’t think about the curling (CB now knows what “curling” means as I ranted about it).  Then it took 2 days to dry – not unexpected – and I wore it, think I could maybe get a picture of it during the day.  I spilled hummus on it, right on the boob.  Not a good look.  So I rewashed it, waited for it to dry…and then the weather was pretty horrid all weekend so I decided to wait to take a picture.  Then I wore it yesterday…and I got really sick, I thought it was the flu, but since I feel better today, maybe not, but I felt awful.  Worse off it took me 3 hours to get home – when you have to rely on public transit & you live an hour away,  it sucks.  I came home and slept for something like 15 hours, in between trips to the bathroom.  I feel better today, but stayed home just in case.

Since it was a beautiful day, I figured I would take some pictures before the sweater killed me in my sleep or something.

Blue Gable

Started: February 17th

Finished: March 30th

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Lapis – 3.25

Pattern: Green Gable

Needles: Size 4US & 6US

Notes: I’ve had this pattern & yarn for nearly two years, seriously.  I’m glad I finally made it but I don’t feel it’s the most flattering sweater on me – or maybe I’m just cringing at the pictures because of my weight gain, (which I’m working on).  Anyway, I love the way the Zephyr Girl knits look, but they never seem to turn out right on my body shape.  I still have yarn & the pattern for Rusted Root but I think I’m going to stick to cardigans for awhile.  I did a couple of mods – decreased much lower for my long waist and increased a bit.  Then I added lace to the bottom a la Turtlegirl & to the sleeves – but as I mentioned before, I should have planned better and bound off differently.

In any case, while not my favourite knit, probably one I’ll wear (unlike Wicked) – I do like Cotton Fleece & I love the colour.

I’ve been reading quite a bit – which may explain my blog negelect. I bought 3 books this week – the new Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (I love her, but this isn’t anything different), the new Jennifer Weiner (who’s book & blog I adore, although this one made be bawl my eyes out), and today I got in the mail Clara Parkes’s The Knitter’s Book Of Yarn (we won’t mention the sock yarn I got as well), which I think will be very handy.  I don’t talk about books as much on here anymore – I still read, but not working in a bookstore makes a huge difference.  I work across the street from Borders but when I go in, none of the books seem to speak to me.  I’ve been on another one of my Jane Austen kicks until this week.  But I did read an excellent book a couple of weeks ago – The Monsters of Templeton.  I loved it – I don’t think I can even try to describe it with out it sounding ridiculous but it is fantastic.  I would say the best novel I’ve read in a very long time.  The author’s blog is pretty excellent too – I can’t wait until her next book.

Also, I’ve been annoyed by several threads on Ravelry lately.  I wish everyone there would read this before jumping in on things they don’t know anything about.  (If I can’t put this on my blog, where else can I?)