No, I have not drown in my fun box of KnitPicks yarns – although I pretty much worked with the wonderful Comfy yarn all weekend (making Sitcom Chic).  I just do not have any sock pictures (just turning the heels on the I (heart) Commuter Socks) but I am working on a page to collect all my handknit socks, musings on the yarns, and notes on how I really should have bought the Knit Pick Harmony dpns much sooner.  So I hope to have that done this week in the meantime, check out this new sock pattern I bought for my next sock project.  I’m in love!

I had planned on making CoffeeBoy another pair of socks next, but the Rista I bought (Umber) looked gray in the pictures but is actually olive.  CB is not a fan.  So I think they will be socks for the (less sock colour picky) BIL instead and CB will have to wait. Poor thing.

Anyway, back to work for me.  Happy (blah) Monday!