Oh Monday, how you just creep up on us…

Blingin’ Commuter Socks
Started: March 7th
Completed March 24th
Yarn:  Bling by Zen Yarn Garden in Olive Twist
Pattern: 64 st, 1 inch of twisted ribbing, side cable from Slippery Socks, eye of partride heel, simple toe.
Needles: 1.5US Harmony dpns
Notes: I wanted to mix up my usual simple stockinette socks but I wanted something I could do on the train without too much distraction.  So instead of using the entire pattern for Slippery Socks (which I do like but would require more concentration than I normally have at the begining or end of my work day), I went with just the side cables.  I like them a lot.  Plus I wanted something special for the Blingin’ yarn – Silver! – although I wish I had a colorway that was more solid for them.
 Yep, they don’t match, but luckily the pooling was (in my opinion) kept to a minimum in most places.  The yarn is lovely – I realized this was my first pair of socks not only with silver but with a silk blend.  Very nice!  So thumbs up on these, which is good because I realized they are my most expensive socks ($30+, high (but worth it!) considering most of my socks are KnitPicks yarns)

And also in an effort to branch out with my commuter sock kniting, I’m working 2 at a time.

And bringing on the lace:

My I (Heart) Commuters Socks, using the wonderful pattern from Stariel, though I just did a simple rib on the cuff.  I’m again mxing it up in my fiber choices – this is Merino Tencel blend I bought when I was visting MA all those months ago.  It’s nice, it took a bit to get used to the slippery yarn (had several dropped stitches) but now it’s coming along just fine)

See you all tomorrow for FYS 08!