I had the worst day on Thursday – I was feeling ill, the work I was doing was making me miserable (the people I was calling & emailing were rude), another project I did like was on hold (more on that in a moment), I was worried about my boss/friend who had gone to the emergency room the day before, and on top of that I was homesick for Oregon.  I don’t feel like that all the time now – having a job I generally love, not to mention going to beautiful Cambridge everyday usually is enough to keep me from dwelling on everything I miss about Oregon – my family & friends, the delightfully weird Portland things, my house & yard.  I think talking to my family on Easter started it – it’s not a big holiday in my family, but hearing them all having fun (they just got a Wii) made me miss them & wish I was there.  Then when I was doing research, one of the law firms I came across had an office in Portland & had some pictures of it, near where I used to work & hang out.  So I was pretty down when I boarded the train home – I wanted to go to a knit group but when I get in a funk, I always worry I’ll bring everyone down.  I’m sure they are sick of my excuses. So I trudged home instead.

And what did I find waiting for me?

MALABRIGO!  Is that not an instant mood lifter?  Not to mention the most beautiful colour I’ve seen.  The wonderful, generous  Carrie sent it to me when I won a contest on her blog and seriously, I should just carry it around with me to pet when I get down.  Then I saw on my fellow Stacey‘s blog her neckwarmer from Malabrigo – so that’s what it’ll become.

A million thanks again to Carrie – you don’t even know how cheered up I was.

Friday started out much better – my boss/friend was back & okay, I didn’t have to talk to any more rude people, and after the 250+ companies & firms I contacted, I finally got one to show an interest in the project I had been working on by myself, which is very very good since no one expected me to find a sponsorship in such a small time frame. (Usually I just assist my boss, like on the huge conference we went to in TX, but this was a small on in such a short turnaround that she asked me to take on)  And the project I mentioned earlier that  I thought was on hold was back on.  Even though it will annoy Amanda, I must show off what I get to play with.

A Kindle!  Honestly I didn’t know much about it until they asked me if I would be part of it – it’s out of my normal department – but I’m very pleased.  I get to play with a Kindle!  It’s pretty fun, not something I would probably spend the $400 on, but neat to play with.  As it’s not mine, I haven’t bought any books or newspapers (you can download a couple of sample chapters, which I have done.)  CB was really excited by it when I showed it to him last night, I would be surprised if he gets one sometime soon.

I spent this morning photographing yarn for Flash Your Stash – since it was sunny (until now, it’s starting to snow again!).  I haven’t seen much chatter about it this year, are people still doing it?  I know with Ravelry it’s all there to see already but I wanted to reorganize my shelves anyway.  I also have a Blingin’ FO to post, but I want do want to put it on here – I don’t like having super long posts. So I’ll do it tomorrow.  Happy weekend everyone!