I actually had a chance yesterday evening to photograph a couple of WiPs (still daylight out, though I miss my nice big porch in OR for photographing projects). This accomplishes two things – one, I actually get to post WiPs on Wednesday like I used to and two, prove to everyone that I do knit more than socks sometimes.

First up, Blue Gable:

The black shirt underneath is how long I want it (I’ve learned that most sweaters but especially Zephyr Girl‘s patterns are never long enough for me). So I decided to use one my favourite t-shirts (H&M – I have multiple) as a judge for length. So not too much more to go, thank goodness. Although this is a nice project for TV watching, internet reading, car riding, and theater movie watching as it’s plain stockinette for miles. Haven’t decided if I want to add ribbing on the bottom, or use Turtlegirl’s modification of lace. Hmm. Sleeves will be a bit longer than the pattern too – I really do have a lot of yarn to go (about a skein & half of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece) so I guess I can make them pretty long, although they will probably be a typical t-shirt length.

And my non boring project, the one that requires a lot of concentration.

Yep that is the Cables & Os that I started a freaking YEAR ago. Although I do love this patten and the yarn (KnitPicks Cotlin) , it is the largest project I’ve ever made on small (4US) needles. Each row takes a long time, especially those purl through the backloop rows. And the bad thing about not working on it for several months…I’m a much better knitter now, as in I do YOs properly now. (apparently I didn’t before, as you can’t see the O’s) But I am not going to rip back the 10 inches I’ve done so far. So it’s a design feature.

Worth all the pain & annoyances it has brought on.

My miles of cable. I do love it so. And I need a new cardigan, I wear them all the time and unfortunately, my favourite is getting a little worn.

Thanks for all the compliments on CB’s socks! He loves them & wears as much as possible. The bad thing though is…he wants more. Not that it’s too bad, I love making socks. The awful bit is that he only wants plain white or gray socks. Not even a multicoloured one with those – I showed him several in my stash, like this Lana Grossa (Ravelry link) but no, he only likes plain ones, although different coloured heels & toes are fine.

Okay, I should actually do some work, sneaking a blog post in at work is a bit stressful sometimes. (“Oh of course I’m doing that research…”)