I finally finished the damn things.

CoffeeBoySocks (take 2)

Started: February 22nd

Completed: March 20th

Yarn: MC- KnitPicks Bare Superwash Merino & Nylon (Natural) and CC – Knitpicks Essentials (Dusk)

Pattern – Basic Sock  64 stitches, 2 inches of 2×2 ribbing, 7 inches total cuff, eye of partridge heel in contrast color, long ass men’s foot, basic toe in contrast colour.

Needles: size 2US Harmony dpns

Notes:  First off, I apologize for the lack of decent pictures – I took this one right after I finished it and like the good SO of a knitter CB now is, he is actually wearing them to his class today.  Anyway, I had a serious case of SSS on this pair – I usually do get tired of the socks by the second sock, but this one took me awhile to get over.  Doesn’t help that I only worked on these particular socks at home – on the train, I’m pretty much forced to only work on the second sock – and I got sad looks from CB if I worked on something else (or “you’re never going to make me socks are you?  What about that gray one…?”).  But I slogged through & I’m pretty happy with them.   I wish I had put a blue strip near the top (CB said he wouldn’t mind a colour in it after all AFTER I finished most of the cuff.  I was not going to rip back) but the contrast heels & toes look nice I think.  So CB finally gets some wool socks.  Maybe his feet won’t be so cold when he gets into bed at night!

I even put off trying out my Harmony Options until I finished these but now – oh my, I wish I had ordered these long ago.  Just like the Harmony dpns kick started my sock habbit, these will hopefully get back into knitting my UFOs.  I put them on my Blue Gable & it was such a joy to knit on.  I’ve got about 6 inches left on the body now – woohoo!  I might actually finish this fairly soon!  And do you remember this?


This is the lovely & gorgeous Cables & Os that I started, oh forever ago.  Now it will be my next big finish up project.

Tonight I’m attending my first hockey game – CB is a fan and his best friend bought us tickets for his birthday awhile back.  Should be, uh, interesting anyway.  Honestly, at least we’re getting out of the house, we’ve been such homebodies for weeks now, due to weather & lack of anything to do.