I’m sick at home today – not the horrible flu going around, but I had a migraine yesterday – I pretty much stayed in bed all day. I was still feeling awful this morning so I stayed home today. Now I’m lounging around watching Evita (I love this movie – yes I realize I’m one of the few who do. I love musicals and really love Antonio & Madonna in it) and trying to slog through Blue Gable – I always forget the boring parts of sweater making, probably why I have several unfinished ones!)

But how about some socks? I got bling.

Bling Commuter Socks

These are a departure to my usual stockinette socks. I decided to do a simple cable on the sides.

bling cable

There has been some pooling & nearly ripped them out but…we’ll see how it turns out. I don’t mind a little pooling but I’m worried each side will be a completely different colours.

Now back to Evita…”high flying, adored…”