What I did:

  • Baked cookies
(Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting. Yes, they are red)
  • Listened to melancholy (not truly depressing, just bittersweet) songs:
  1. Song Noir – Jon Auer
  2. Dance Me To The Edge of Love – Leonard Cohen
  3. Beautiful Friend – Sebadoh (I have some random live version that is the definition of bittersweet)
  4. 9 Lives – Damien Rice
  5. A Case Of You – Joni Mitchell (fun fact #1: this is my favourite song of all time, any version really, though I prefer Joni’s from Both Sides Now)
  6. Beautiful Girl – Pete Drodge
  7. Carry Me Away – Concrete Blonde
  8. Between the Bars – Elliott Smith
  9. You Will Be My Ain True Love – Alison Krauss (I’d also add “Let Me Touch You For Awhile” but not “Whiskey Lullaby” because that song makes me bawl. I think Alison Krauss has one the most perfect voices.)
  10. All Mixed Up – Red House Painters
  11. I’m On To You – Neil Diamond (Or “Hell Yeah” but the versions from Artist Cut – 12 Songs)
  12. O Death – Ralph Stanley (I get honest to goodness chills listening to it – it’s from one of my favourite movies too – O Brother Where Art Thou?)
  13. Lost Cause – Beck
  14. Tonight Will Be Fine – Teddy Thompson (fun fact #2 – this is closest thing to an “our song” for CB & me – our first offiicial date was seeing Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man documentary and we were both mesmerized by Teddy Thompson. Kind of a sad song to have for a “song” though)
  15. Rush Hour – Ani Difranco
  16. Not Dark Yet – Bob Dylan (okay that might cross the line from melancholy to depressing – it’s a fine line)
  17. Seasons – Chris Cornell
  18. Old Friend – Lyle Lovett
  19. The Weeping Song – Nick Cave (or goodness, almost any song really. The acoustic version of “The Mercy Seat” is pretty chilling too. I adore Nick Cave. He’s my evil boyfriend)
  20. Jolene – Dolly Parton (I’m not ashamed to admit I love Dolly Parton)

My actual playlist has about 50 songs though – I love the sad bastard music I guess.

  • Worried about flooding