I feel like I’ve been working on these forever, there was a 2 week period where I wasn’t commuting – one week in Houston, one week off of work.


My feet look HUGE!  They’re not that big, seriously! 

Although I did finish the 2nd sock in just over a week – I guess you can tell I’m back on my commuter schedule!


I’m sure my fellow commuters were amused by me photographing socks but it was so nice today – I’ve been walking to work from North Station, it’s about 2 miles but a good way to start (and end) the day – plus I need the exercise!

Stripey Commuter Socks

Started: Feb 6th

Completed: March 5th

Yarn: KnitPicks Felici in Pebble, little less than 2 balls

Pattern: Basic sock, 7 inch cuff, eye of partridge heel, basic toe.

Needles: KnitPicks Harmony Dpns, 1.5

Notes: I loved this yarn (although I did get tired of knitting these socks, a month was a long to work on a single pair of commuter socks), it’s so soft and I do love the striping on it. I went with a longer cuff than usual (my average is 5 or 6 inches) so that contributed to the time. But look! The stripes match! Okay they are a tiny bit off, but hey, I’m not going to complain. Fraternal twin socks don’t really bother (good thing since all my socks are like that!) but it is deeply satisfying to have a matched striped pair.  Unfortunately my camera died while durring my photo shoot so I didn’t get one of the very fun heels, but here’s a reminder.


I love being able to see the stitches!

I thought about ordering more today – in fact I decided to finally place a KnitPicks order for the Harmony Options. I had some Felici as well as Risata (I decided I do need to get some cotton socks going for the warmer weather on the way) and enough CotLin for a sweater in my shopping cart. But believe it or not, I took it all out & just went with the Options. Am I sick? Or did I finally believe I have enough yarn & projects?

Or is it because Melissa keeps teasing me of new colours coming out?