Yes, I haven’t been keeping up with YPF – mostly lack of pretty yarn to photograph and not much time or daylight for me during the week. But I got some gorgeous new yarn this week & some time daylight today (and more snow – I’m officially sick of snow) so I present YPS

I’ve been curious about eBay seller KimiK for awhile but I never win her auctions. Finally, I won one!

It took awhile to get – partly my fault, stupid echecks – but my annoyance was gone as soon as I opened the package.

It’s a new to me fiber – Blue Faced Leicester wool. I’d been reading about it and man, is it lovely. And the colours! I had no purple sock yarn so I went with the purpley pinks.

So that’s the last of my sock yarn binge, because, really, I needed more sock yarn. Ah well, that’s it for awhile. Luckily, I do make a lot of socks, in addition to the Commuter Sock, I’ve been working on the CoffeeBoy socks at home.

It’s going pretty quickly, considering I’ve only worked on it in the evening. They are going to be nice & soft – I just hope they fit!

And I think next I’m going to try a sock yarn that is not KnitPicks – my last 3 socks have been KP. As much as I love it, I really need to find some projects worthy enough for my hand dyed sock yarn – I have so much but I keep grabbing the KP, probably because I normally just do plain vanilla socks & the yarn is all ready to go – no winding.

But today, I’m not sure if I’ll have much knitting time. This is what my dinning room has looked like for months

Today we’re going to try to clean up the walls – seriously, there were like 6 layers of wallpaper. We’re painting it as soon as the wallpaper is off. Bought the paint last week, I think it will be pretty.

Although, I may just sit back to watch & knit. “But honey, I’m making YOU socks!” 🙂