Green has always – always – been my favorite colour.  I remember telling people when I was very young and the looks on their faces (granted, we were probably 7) & “ewww.  My favourite colour is purple/pink/pretty colours.”  And while I do like the winter here (I love snow with several days of sun more than a constant overcast sky in OR), I realized that I do miss seeing the colour green instead of white everywhere.  So I seem to be drawn to that when playing wtih yarn.

First, I finally got my hands on the new sock yarn (new to me anyway) with silver mixed in it that I’ve been obsessed with since I first saw back in December.

OOOOO! Pretty!  This one is from the awesome Zen Yarn Garden, I’d seen the name (and the yarn) before but this was my first purchase.  But not my last.

Look at my bling! 

Then I decided to finally play with the dyes I’ve had forever – Amanda had sent me some in a swap – and naturally I went with the green.

This is the KnitPicks Bare Gloss I got a couple of weeks back.  I had thought about knitting CoffeeBoy some socks out it (for those who wonder, he has redeamed himself with knitted gifts – he now wears the Knucks I made him every day and complained when I took them away to be depilled one day.  So he is now finally worthy of more knitted items) but then I realized that non machine washable socks for him would not be a good idea.  So I decided to dye it – I wanted a mix of greens & I pretty much achieved it.  Not sure what I’m going to do with this (okay, probably socks) but I’m proud of my bit of dying.

Even with all this green, what do I work on instead?

Yep, plain white socks for the boy.  Sigh.  To be honest, I’m making these not only for CB but for my own well being – I’m tired of his damn cold feet every night because he only wears acrylic/cotton/nonwarm socks.

(These are not my commuter socks, I’m still working on the stripey ones, but they pretty much look the same as last week, as I haven’t worked at all this week.) 

Should I start yet another pair of socks with my green…I do have plenty of sock needles now…hmmm…

PS.  I HATE using IE to update this, which is what I have at work.  😛