What do you do when you can’t leave the house because of a combination of a head cold & a snowstorm? And your current projects are boring you? And your ears are cold because all the millions of hats you’ve made don’t quite cover them?

You grab a skein of some handspun you bought in Eugene OR.

You grab a couple of sets of needles.

You put on a cute movie.



Started: February 22, 1pm

Completed: February 22, 8pm

Yarn: Freshwater Fibers Merino, Green Twist

Pattern: My own basic hat, cast on 76 stitches on smaller needles, 2×2 rib for awhile, then switch to larger needles and knit until it’s long enough for my GIANT head. Then decrease, bind off, sew on a goofy pompom for no good reason.

Needles: Size 8US & 9US 16inch circs, size 9US dpts for decreases.

Notes: Really, I love all my hats but there’s something wrong with each of them. Either they are too big on the brim so cold air gets at my poor ears (such as my new Cabled hat or my PDX hatter) or they are not long enough to cover my ears (such as the alpaca cabled hat and the Malabrigo hat). Or they itch. (several early attempts with Lamb’s Pride, until I realized that mohair really bothers my forehead). Finally I have one that actually is snug around the ears, long enough, and super soft. I had planned on adding earflaps just in case but I don’t need them so I just stuck a pompom on it & called it done. This yarn is fantastic – I randomly picked it up on my Christmas visit to my mom – and so soft & warm. Love it, I’m going to have to check them out when I’m back home again.

After all that, you then make goofy faces at the camera while wearing your new favourite hat.