The problem with black socks:
  1. They are boring to photograph.
  2. They are not very exciting to knit.
  3. There isn’t much to discuss on them.

I’m not sure how much I like the tweedy bits on them, honestly it looks (especially in the picture) like I really need some help with my abundence of lint or something.  I do like the Essential yarn, it does knit up nice & soft but sturdy.  But, eh. They’re black socks.  Bit of a let down from my bright socks I’m working on at home.  I went with the knitty pattern for Slippery Socks, although I do wonder if the cables will be lost in the rainbow of colours.

It’s definitly a sucky Monday so far.  Spilled my latte on me twice coming in today – once when the wind nealy knocked me over, once when I was fumbling for my key card.  So I have a nice smell of soy, carmel, & coffee lingering over me for the rest of the day.  Joy.