A couple hours late on my post – I usually prepare it on Sunday night & then post it before work…but The Amazing Race took it out of me!  What a great finale. (although I had to fight to watch it due to a Packer’s game…poor boy is broken hearted now.

But you aren’t here to hear my thoughts on TAR.  I know you are dying to hear what my new commuter socks are.  May I present:

Essential Tweed!  Yes I am boring.  While I love my bright socks, I do need some more subtle ones.  I keep meaning to buy black socks…but why buy when I could make some?

Apologies for the blury picture, I didn’t realize how blurry it was until now.

I’m actually not doing stockinette socks this time.  I’m mixing it up a bit – 7knit/1 purl ribbing.  Nice boring sock still.

And now the winner!  There were 4 people who guessed Tweed – Amanda, (blogless & one of my pdx kintters) Melody, Amy, blogless Nicole, and the last minute Bruny. And with the random generator…the winner is:


Yah!  Congrats Amanda!  Send me an email & we’ll work out the details (like which yarn you wanted!)

Thanks to all who entered – I’m going to have another contest in a couple of weeks, this was really fun!

And have a good Monday all, pity us who actually have to work!