First of all, thanks to all who have entered my little contest!  I’m so excited to see all my readers & some new ones too! You can still enter until Sunday night – it’s the entry below this one!

Even though I had a very busy week, I’ve been working on Cozy during those brief hours at home.

It’s looking pretty nice!  I’m 9 inches into the body and going to about 17.  It’s not the most exciting knit, but it’s good for those evenings when I don’t want to think.  I don’t really have plans this weekend – CoffeeBoy is working on the wall of doom – the wall  between our tiny living room & large dining room we decided to take down – and we don’t have a lot of money anyway.  We might go on an actual date tonight, something we haven’t done in quite awhile, dinner & a movie.  We’ll see.

But back to Cozy.  I’m getting a little concerned about how much yarn I’m going through.  I have 984 yards of Shamrock & the size I’m making calls for 810 – 945 yards (I’m making between sizes, plus I always have make the sleeves longer for my gorilla arms).  Well I’m on the 6th skein of yarn – haflway – and I still have 8 inches to do on the body, plus the sleeves & neckline.  Hmmm.  I mean, it won’t be the end of the world if I run out – oddly my mom bought the exact same yarn on her first Knit Picks order a month or two ago and I think it’s the same dyelot.  But still, I know how frustrated I’ll be if I get near the end and have to wait for my mom to send it to me!

In the non-knitting part of my life, I got some fun work news.  I’m a temp at my current job, the company I work for  has a big conference every year & my job is organizing all the data & talking to the sponsors to get info from them.  A lot of my job is sitting at my desk waiting for people to email me back (which is why I could post from work yesterday, although I hate using Internet Explorer for things like that- I’m a Firefox girl!).  In any case, I do love what I’m doing and the people I work for & with are fantastic.  And yesterday I found out they really want me to go help at the conference, onsite – which is in Houston TX.  So I get to fly to TX next month!  This is a first for the company, I technically still work for the temp agency, but they may just keep me on at the company.  Squee!  Plus I’m excited to travel & see all my work through – I’ve never been to TX either.  I won’t have much time to explore but hey I get to go somewhere.  I wouldn’t even care where.  And it’s warm there! So that’ll be fun, even if it’s during Valentines Day (not that CB & I are really into that) and during the Lowell Winterfest, which I was looking forward to.  Sad.

So off to knit on Cozy some more & have a lazy Saturday!