It has been  a pretty bah!-type week (nothing really bad, just a lot of annoyances).  But what does it matter when I have new socks?

It was really cold out so I moved inside to my cubical to take more pictures.

Oh you want to hear about the contest?  Well you get to see more sock info before that

More Commuter Train Socks

Started December 17th

Completed January 16th

Yarn:  Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Spring Break

Pattern – it’s just a st stitch sock with a partridge eye heel, my usual commuter socks

Needles – my Knit Picks Harmony size 1US (what else?)

Note:  Oh I see why lots of people LOVE ths yarn (and Koigu as well – they are the same base, yes?) – so wonderful to knit with.  I did worry about the small yardage in each skein though, so I kept them kind of short – only 4 inches on the cuff – and although I could have done maybe another inch or two.  I love how the colours look too – and the darker colours are much better to wear to work than my usual brights.  I have the lucky/unlucky problem of having extra long legs – many of my nicer pants for work are a bit short so my really bright socks are really noticable.   So it’s nice to have some funky socks that aren’t so bright.

Now for the contest.  I really wanted to do this for a couple of reason.  Mostly because I appreciate all the people who read & comment – I read all my comments & subscribe to new blogs all the time – but sometimes I don’t have a chance to respond to all of them.  I’ve “met” some great people through this blog.

When going through my sock stash, I realized I had 2 skeins of Socks that Rock medium weight sock yarn that I hadn’t used yet.  I bought both at the Black Sheep Gathering last year, they’re mill ends so I don’t know the colour names.

I think one was going to be a gift but I think I ended up finding something better.  So the lucky winner of this contest shall get one of them, which ever they decide on.  I do love STR but I have so much other sock yarn I want to use first.

And to enter:  I just started a new pair of commuter socks.  Which yarn did I use?  Did I go with the fun, brightly coloured Opal Ladybug?  Did I go with the more softly subtle Essential Tweed?  Or did I throw caution to the wind & use a completly different one (you don’t have to guess which one)?  So leave an answer in the comments – Ladybug, Tweed, or Stash – and I’ll put all the correct answers in a virtual hat & draw a winner on my next Monday Socks post.  Good Luck & have fun!

(side note to the Lowell girls – one of the bah! things this week was the stupid train home on Thursday being delayed – so I wasn’t able to make it to the knitting group.  Sigh.  One day I will!)

More snowy days…