I don’t miss working in retail.

But I do miss seeing all the books coming out & being “in the know”.  I also miss my gift card I got at Borders every month (every full time employee gets a $30 gift card every month) because I definitely bought a lot more books, especially knitting books. Since leaving Borders in September I haven’t bought one knitting book & barely any other books (not that we need them – between CoffeeBoy & myself we have 100’s of books – some of which we’ve actually read!)


People actually give me books for gifts now!  I guess the thinking before is “oh she’ll just buy her own books” (a direct quote from my sister).  I actually got 3 lovely knitting books for gifts this year.

First is one I’ve mentioned before – Alice Starmore’s Fisherman Sweaters.  CB bought it for me a week or so before Christmas for no particular reason other than he liked it.  So I’ll count it as as Christmas gift.  It is lovely – there are several sweaters I want to tackle, although they are definitely more intricate than I’ve made before.  CB doesn’t wear sweaters so there’s no pressure to make one for him, so these will be for me…I may tackle one after Cozy.  And let me tell you the crap CB gave me for not using this book for my new sweater – teasing, of course – although I told him that that yarn is too busy for those lovely sweaters.  Whew!

Next is from a gift exchange I did with friends here in MA – the lovely girl who got my name is also a knitter & was pretty excited by Mason-Dixon Knitting when she saw it on my amazon wish list.  I do like this book a lot – I don’t think I would have ever bought it myself but there are several patterns I want to do.  I’m thinking I might do a log cabin blanket for my dear grandmother – the blanket in the photo above is one that she crocheted for me for Christmas.  Unfortunately, her birthday is this week, so this will either be a present for no reason or for next Christmas.  I think I’ll use Cotton-Ease – it’s easy to get here & I won’t have to buy it all at once.

Finally, my dear best friend of 15 years actually bought me Domiknitrix for Christmas.  Unfortunately I already have (and love) it so I exchanged it for something I’ve been wanting since it came out – Veronik Avery’s  Knitting Classic Style.  Oh my, if I don’t ever make anything from it, it’ll still be worth having.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  I’ve always been a fan of Veronik’s designs (although the one I attempted – the Dollar & Half Cardigan – ended up being frogged).  I’ve grown to be more of a fan of classic, vintage inspired styles more than the “new” style.  Anyway, I do want to make the cover sweater, although I may attempt to adapt for the Merino Style I have in the stash. Bulky yarn, unfortunately, is not a good look for my bulky body.  Anyway I highly recommended book for anyone.

Yah for knitting gifts!

Cozy update:  4 inches in the body.  13 (sigh) to go!  I forgot how boring knitting stockinette on a sweater in the round is.  But it’s good for this lazy weekend – pretty much we’ve been watching football (note: CB watches football.  I half pay attention & cheer for the teams CB cheers for (Packers!) and ones I feel I should, given my location (Patriots!) and boo the people that annoy me (both Mannings – are they in EVERY commercial?) and relaxing.  Today however, I’m going to play in my craft room – one of my yarn shelves fell a couple of weeks ago (I think it was the books on it) so I’m going to fix it today.  Happy Sunday & see you tomorrow for a Monday Socks update.