Oh the weekend. Apparently, my blog posting is now being regulated to the weekends. While I do really like my job – it’s overwhelming at times, there is just so much information I need to keep track of but I enjoy the people I work with & getting out of my retail comfort zone – the commute is taking a bit longer to get used to. We leave the house at 6:30 am and frequently not home until 7:30. Once we get home our exciting evening goes like this: one of us tries to figure out what we should have for dinner (something quick, and in my case, not too fattening), we watch the previous night’s editions of The A Daily Show and the Colbert Report (can I just say how happy I am that they are back? They’re both improving daily, though not as good as before, although in Colbert’s case, I’m enjoying parts of it more now. And my crush Aasif Mandvi was shown briefly on ADS! ), finally we sometimes manage to stay up until 10pm before crawling into bed. Not a lot of time in the evenings for anything.

But it’s now the weekend! Huzzah! Sleeping in, relaxing, and…knitting! Yes I do knit during the week but, as you can tell, I don’t have much time at home for it – my commuter socks I work on daily, but I want something different at home.

So I started another sweater.

Yes I am well aware I still haven’t finished Mr Greyjeans or my Cables & Os , my two previous sweater WiPs. C&Os I’ve put off because I probably won’t wear it spring anyway. Mr Greyjeans is boring me & I’m not quite sure if I’m loving it any more. Oh at the other WiPs on my Ravelry page? Um what other WiPs?

But there are several very good reasons I’ve started this sweater. First of all, ever since I bought Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel, I’ve been in love with the Cozy V-Neck Pullover – the style, the colour, everything. I put it on the backburner though – I wasn’t sure what yarn to use (while I’ve felt the yarn called for – Cascade Pastazza – I couldn’t find a colour or price I liked) as I haven’t really used much heavy worsted yarn. A couple of months ago, I was trolling through the FOs of Cozy & saw Shamrock from KnitPicks was used. Perfect! I wanted a brown sweater, but a little more depth so the “tweed” would be perfect. Unfotunatly, I couldn’t see Doyle knitted up anywhere – would the colours over power the brown?

I had a gift certificate so, after asking some people on the forum about it, I took the risk & ordered. I was a little surprised how bright the coloured thread was though.

I put it back on the backburner, mostly due to Christmas knitting & wasn’t sure if I really wanted it.

When I started my job & had to dress much nicer than I used to in retail (it’s “business casual”) I began looking around at my clothing & realized I needed some nicer clothes – and I don’t have much money. Then it got COLD and thought a nice thick sweater would be good. Mr. Greyjeans doesn’t really fit either of these requirements, so Cozy was back in the front.

I actually swatched for this – for gauge but also I was still concerned about how the yarn would looked knitted up.

This is probably the most accurate picture colour-wise. I actually do like the coloured bits mixed with the chocolate brown. And it would go perfectly with a pair of pants I have. So…CO time!

This is after week of evening knitting – I’ve joined the neck and soon to split the sleeves.

I love working with this yarn, I really do. It’s not merino soft but should hold up really well.  We’ll see how it looks when it’s done but I think I will probably use this yarn again.  This weekend I plan on knitting on this – well in between actually cleaning & other homebound stuff.  I’ll post an update in my Monday Socks post.

Tomorrow I want to show off my gifts I got last weekend – both knitting related! 🙂