No, that’s not a missing apostrophe, not in this case.

After a lovely relaxing Sunday – knitted, did laundry, cooked, caught up on Amazing Race – it’s time to go back to work. While I do like my job, it’s still a bit of a let down finally getting caught up on sleep. Since I’m trying to get back on a blogging schedule, I decided that since Mondays suck, today updatewill be called Mondays Sock – the current Sock In Progress I’m working on. I’m on a train for an hour & half a day and socks are my go to project – socks & an audiobook make the time go by so much faster & relaxes me enough to face the day. Currently my audio book is Harry Potter again – I just rewatched Order of the Phoenix at my mom’s & felt like it was time to go through it again. And my SiP is a plain ol’ st stitch sock in the lovely Claudia Hand Paints Spring Break I treated myself to a couple of weeks ago.

Yes that’s the very sexy bag I carry it in. I’ll finish this baby probably tomorrow, then the big decision – do I make the second sock or do I play with my new sock yarn I bought in Eugene, OR?

Opal Rainforest in Ladybug. I was obsessed with finding this yarn about a year ago, scoured ebay for it many times & could never find it (well, for a normal price). But when I spotted it at the Knit Shop, I had to have it.

I actually should make my next pair out of a more muted colour so I can wear it to work…but bright socks are more fun!