A couple of FOs from 2007 I haven’t blogged about yet.  Both were holiday gifts that were given last night, so now is the time!

 A Lacey Gift Bag

Started: December 7

 Completed: December 9

Yarn: KnitPicks Shine Worsted in Crocus, about 1.5 skeins

Pattern: Knit Picks Generation Purse

Needles: size 5US dpts

Notes: I ran across this pattern in an old KnitPicks catalog and thought it would be perfect for a gift exchange I had over the holidays.  I’d met the girl who I got a couple of times, but didn’t know her very well but thought she might appreciate a little knitted gift.  Anyway, this was a quick knit & turned out pretty cute.

I’m not big on lace, but I did enjoy the panel on this – it’s easy to memorize & only 4 repeats.  I went up a size in the yarn called for (Worsted instead of Sport) and needles (any excuse to use my harmony needles) so it’s a lot bigger – I fit 2 regular sized bottles of body wash & a bag of chocolate buttons in it.  I think I might make more of these for gifts in the future – they just look so nice.

I actually made 2 scarves when I was in OR, but one still hasn’t been photographed (it’s mine, out of the heavenly Panache) but this one is for my lovely friend of 15 years who hinted how much she loves scarves.  Even though scarves aren’t my favourite thing to knit, I really wanted to for her.


(another) Basketweave Scarf

Started: December 23

Finished: December 29

Yarn: Cascade Cash Vero, 2 balls

Pattern:  My own, a modified basketweave.

Needles: 10.5US circular

Notes:  I like how this turned out, although it does curl.  I went lengthwise  again, and made up my own pattern for the main part – I was going for blocks of purls but it just ended up looking like basketweave.  Ah well


I cast on 180 stitches, knit for 6 rows and then did the pattern until it seemed wide enough.  Then just did 6 rows of garter again.  I didn’t have a yarn choice in mind for it – I knew I wanted something super soft & a thicker weight so it would keep my friend neck warm here in MA.  When going to Ben Franklin in OR (which I MISS – man I love that place), I stumbled across Cash Vero – on sale for $7 each.  Yah!  Perfect choice for a scarf, I think – my friend immediately put it on & didn’t take it off the rest of the night.

There were a couple of other gifts I didn’t get a chance to blog or photograph – a couple of pairs of knucks & my previously mentioned scarf (I need to block it again, while I LOVE it – seriously, Panache feels wonderful), I think I got them all.  Now to start blogging about my current WiPs