I haven’t been real commited to my blog of late have I?

Well, the trip back to OR (spent mostly at my mom’s with little or no internet), the holidays in general, and working a lot, I haven’t had a chance.  I have a blog post started for a year end review of my knitting…but I want to do it right so I’m going to wait for the weekend (the blessed weekend!)  I do want to apologize to anyone who contacted me while I was in OR (like Zuma) – I was pretty much without internet the entire time I was in OR.  In some ways, it was nice not being tied to it (especially with my new job where I do sit at a computer all day), but I do feel behind on the internet knitting world.  I can read blogs at work through my google reader, but I don’t really want to comment a lot – I feel uncomfortable enough just using to read the blogs!

In any case, here is the second to the final FO of the year (the final is a gift & blocking anyway, so that’ll come up this weekend too:

My Very Own Cabled Hat

Started: December 19th (on the plane!)

Completed: December 21st

Yarn: Knitting Fever Peru Alpaca Luxury Chunky – 2 skeins

Pattern: Braided Hat

 Needles: Size 9US circular

Notes:  I have made this pattern a total of 3 times already…and gave them all away.  And I really loved the hats too…but they went to good homes so that’s all right.  In any case, I decided it was high time for one for myself.  I orginally made it too short.  One of my major reason to make this hat was for warm hat for myself that covers my ears!  So, after throwing a small tantrum about how huge my head is, I settled down & picked up the stitches around the edge & knitted for another inch.   I should have used a smaller needle for it though, as it does flare out but it’s still a pretty warm hat.  The yarn is one I picked up at store in Eugene – Tuesday Morning – and I think it’s discontinued.  Such a shame, it’s lovely yarn, I wish I had more of it.

And my knitted items are coming in handy- with the wind it’s below 0!  Quite the difference from OR!