We got hit with another storm.

So it was a good day to finish my Ashabee Socks.

Started: November 17th

Finished: December 16th

Yarn: Ashabee FiberOasis “Eclipse” (60% Merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon)

Pattern:  Basic top down stockinette socks

Needles:  Size 1US KnitPick Harmony

Notes:  I think I say this every time I use a new yarn but this is my new favourite yarn.  Oh it’s so soft & lovely and makes such a wonderful pair of socks.  I highly recommend Ashabee for any sock yarn – the colours are beautiful (I bought mine at Twisted but it took me quite awhile to pick a colour).  And I know I’ve gushed about the Harmony needles multiple times but wow, do they make a difference.  This is the smallest needles size I’ve ever used but these socks just flew off the needles.  Even though these were pretty much my commuter socks, I really just wanted to finish them today (I only had like 4 inches of the foot left.) so I could start a new pair!

This was also my first Eye of  Partridge heel.


I love it the look of it.  I think I’ll use this a lot.

Now I really should go finish laundy so I can pack.  This is what I’ve packed so far.

This is yarn & pattern for the Celtic Tote (I will do it this time!), 3 balls of Panache for a scarf, and the Tweedy Essential sock yarn.  Best part?  All for MEEEEEEE! 🙂

But I think I should probably pack some other items.