…we got a little snow here.

Well more than a little actually, about 7 inches here, 9 inches where I work.  All fell in like 6 hours.  “Luckily” my usual hour & half or so commute on the public transit was only a mere 3 hours – and most of that was waiting for the bus that I usually don’t have to take because CoffeeBoy picks me up.  But the poor boy was stuck on the roads for 5 hours.

I didn’t get any pictures of the actual snow coming down – I was just trying to get to places without getting too frozen.  These were taken this morning on my way to work.  Today was my first real day, yesterday they closed the office at 2:30.  It’s going really well – I’m an assistant to the woman setting up a huge event in February.  It’s hard to get to used to sitting at a desk all day after years of running around…but I’m pretty happy with it.  Although I’m only working 2 days next week because we fly back to OR on Wednesday.

Worst part about the snowstorm? (okay other than me worried about CB and the fact we’re getting hit with another storm this weekend.)  Last night was suppose to be the first Lowell Knitters night with some lovely Ravelry ladies.  😦  But I could barely walk down my street from the bus stop (I REALLY need to get some snow boots) so there was no way I could get downtown – usually only a 10 minute walk.  I was really looking forward to it too.  Ah well, hopefully when I get back I’ll be able to meet up with them all.

I finally finished my mom’s scarf this week.

Mom’s Neckwarmer

Started: December 7th

Completed: December 12

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, a little (grrr) over 2 balls.

Pattern: Huckleberry Ascot from Interweave Knits Holiday 2007, heavily modified.

Needles: Size 9

Notes:  This turned out really nice but it annoyed me so many times.  First of all, I was using metal needles – which I rarely do – and this yarn slid off it more than a hundred times or so.  Then I ran out of yarn, which I already whined about.  Then I had blocked the memory of how much I hate to make bobbles, especially on metal needles.  But I do love how it turned out.  I modified it quite a bit – I used a heavier yarn & larger needles so I didn’t do as many short row ruffles.  And I should have made smaller bobbles, so I only made 4.  The yarn is super soft, I’ve heard it pills like crazy, but it looks so pretty knitted up.  I keep getting suckered into Debbie Bliss yarn & I should stop – it doesn’t have great yardage for the price but wow is it pretty.  And now I have most of a ball…I might make myself a small little neckwarmer. But no more bobbles!

 I’m done with all my family’s gifts…although I may remake my BIL’s Knucks (which I realized I wrapped up before posting about them) because I used Cascade 220 and I’m thinking I the Ultra Alpaca is a better choice for them.  I’ve got a couple more  pairs I want to do for CB’s family – who I hope will wear them more than he does.  hrmph.  No more knitted objects for that boy.   Yes, he was in trouble (Cristi got to hear all about it, via email, the other day) and I think he knew it…today he surprised me with my first Alice Starmore book – Fisherman Sweaters.  Just out of the blue, I never asked for it.  But wow, what a lovely book.  So he’s forgiven…for now.  Although I won’t be making him a sweater! 🙂