For some reason, I’ve lost my blogging mojo. I want to blame Ravelry and the no photo ops for my pictures…but really, I’m just lazy. But I will overcome! I’ve pretty much given up on WiP wednesdays & YPF for now…I don’t seem to take as many pictures of my WiPs (due partly to the no photo op places) and I haven’t bought too much new yarn lately. I’m going to try to be better in the new year though.

Still finishing up the Christmas gifts – now I just have 1 & half more to do for my family and a couple for CoffeeBoy’s family. Then I can knit for me me me! Maybe I’ll actually finish Mr. Greyjeans…yeah that whole “knit a sweater in November” really didn’t work out for me. It’s about halfway done, but I realized that I really need to get the Christmas presents done so I can mail the package to my family – while we are spending Christmas there (we just got our tickets – we’re flying home on the 19th) I don’t want to risk taking them on the plane. For some reason, I trust the post office more than the airlines.

So here are a couple of gifts I’ve finished for my nephews & one of the neices. Modeled by my old friend Thistlehair (he’s a Christmas Bear!)

Earflap Hat

Started: December 3rd

Finished: December 7th

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 wool, in black & red -less than one ball each

Pattern: I pretty much made it up as I went along

Needles: Size 5US dpts – yup, the Harmony needles again

Notes: I’m not feeling too creative today so I can’t think of a cute name for this hat I made for my youngest nephew – the same one who got Dash & Rudy this week (I’m promised a picture of him with them). I’m not completely happy with this one but it did turn out cute. I really did just make it up – I used some other patterns for ideas (like where to put the earflaps) and I used the star pattern from Stitch n’ Bitch. The star turned out really wonky on the front though. I used the Harmony needles again, though I probably should have gone up a size – my obsession with the Harmonies really needs to stop!

My mom gave me the idea for it – I wanted something completely different from the hat I made his older brother (see below) because I feel everyone gives him the same thing. So hopefully he will like it…and it fits! I don’t really have a lifesize model to try it out on.

And for the elder brother – a pirate hat! I actually finished this a week or so ago, but just got around to photographing it.


The Jolly Roger

Started: November 22th

Finished: November 27th, although I think I might add a fleece lining

Yarn: Laines Du Nord Maxi – black & white. Used all of the black, about half the white

Pattern: My own, but used We Call Them Pirates for the skull pattern.

Needles: size 6US

Notes: As this is for a 5 year old, I didn’t feel it would be worth my time to do all the color work in the wonderful Pirates pattern. So I just did a row of skulls for my pirate obsessed nephew. I had to restart this hat several times – mostly because of the curling stitches problem – I ended up doing a broken rib pattern on it. It still curled until I washed it, but I wasn’t going to do it over again. I’m not thrilled with the FO, I think it’s too big so I’m going to add a fleece lining – it shouldn’t be too hard. But I think my nephew will like it – he recently asked my mom to make him a skull scarf. So he might get one of those too.

And I’ve got the design for my mom to use, should she feel up to it. I certainly don’t!

One more…a scarf for my 8 year old neice:


Super Skinny

Started: sometime in October

Finished: December 5th

Yarn: Alpaca Seta Multi, Rose Twist, half a ball

Pattern: a heavily modified version of Montego Bay. HEAVILY

Needles: Size 11US

Notes: I probably shouldn’t even say I used the Montego Bay pattern because really – I did it sizeways, and made it a lot narrower – about 3 inches – and just did the yos & K2tog. Anyway I honestly got really annoyed knitting it – the yarn didn’t slide all that well on the needles I used (damn those Harmonies, ruining all other needles for me) and my hands are so dry the yarn kept catching on them. But it’s nice & long – about 70 inches – and I think it’ll be nice for an 8 year old girl. Actually, now that I think about it, I might make some fringe on it.

Next up is more Knucks for the guys in my life and something special for my mom…I’m not going to post it yet because I just told her today not to look at my blog or flickr for awhile. But it’ll be pretty! She really enjoyed her birthday present – that is who I gave the Chocolate Cherry Socks to. So now I need to top it. I really miss my mom a lot – I’ve been really emotional this week (okay I cried at the end of Scrooged of all things – a movie I love & saw with my family in the theater when it first came out.) so it was even harder to talk to her on her birthday. But I’ll see her in about 2 weeks! And we can geek out about yarn together!

I’m trying to be happy. 🙂