It’s been another one of those crazy weeks where I worked all week – pretty much gone from the house for 13 hours a day and by the time I get home it’s dark & all I want to do is veg (and knit) but not write. I actually enjoyed the job a lot – it’s just reception work – but the people were super nice (and there were a couple of knitters) and I had yet another great view from my desk.

Sadly, I’m not working there this week – I don’t have anything lined up yet – so it might be another one of those weeks where I update every single day.

December has set in and I’m doing pretty well with the Christmas knitting. Since we have less money than we thought, I’m making most gifts – a small knitted gift and probably something to go along with it. Good think I have a stash to pick from! We’re not broke, but flying back to Portland is going to be most of our Christmas fund – but really, I feel seeing our friends & family is the best gift we can get (and give).

In any case, I finished up a couple of cute things for my nephew, who’s birthday is next week.

Dash & Rudy

Started: November 26th

Completed: December 2

Yarn: Both were made with Paton’s Classic Merino in Natural Beige & Chestnut Brown with some scraps of red, black & gray for the eyes & nose.

Pattern: Mochimochi Reindeer

Needles: Size 5US KnitPicks Harmony needles

Notes: I really love the Mochimochi creatures. This was a free with purchase pattern (I bought Ninjabun in case you were wondering) and I thought I would make a couple of these for gifts. As it turns out, my youngest nephew’s 3rd birthday is this week (I’m such a bad aunt) so these guys will have a nice home with him. They are bigger than pattern calls for – I used a worsted weight & larger needles – so the first one I made (Rudy) is about 10 inches tall. I decided to make his brother a little smaller – Dash is about is about 8 inches tall – for some variety. I went with more natural colours for my reindeer rather than the pastels in the pattern as I had these in my stash. I think they are really cute, I think my nephew will like them (or as his mom told me “He’s 3! He likes everything!”)


As for the half FO, since I was commuting this week, it’s not a surprise I finished one of my commuter socks

It’s just a basic st stitch sock. And I want to say, once again, I LOVE the KnitPicks Harmony needles. (As you can probably tell, I’ve been pretty much using only those needles). They are nice & smooth and the yarn just flows so nicely on them. I need to get other sizes – they just make me so happy to use.

I am so thankful for my knitted items this weekend – it’s COLD here – the Central Park Hoodie is getting a lot of use, along with my ever growing collection of hats & scarves. With the wind yesterday, it was in single digits most of the day. Today we have a storm brewing. It’s still rather fun for me as I haven’t experienced this since I lived in UT when I was 10 – I can only remember one time in Portland when it got below 15 degrees. I think most of the country is getting hit with storms this weekend so stay warm everyone!