Well over a year ago, not too long after we moved in together, I was talking to a friend of CoffeeBoy’s who had mentioned that he wanted a scarf.  “Hey” I said.  “I’m a knitter! I can make you one!”  He was very excited and who doesn’t like making things for people who are excited for knitted things?

I cast on for one that weekend.

I knitted on it  A lot.  It never grew any longer, no matter how many rows I did.

I set it aside to make Christmas presents.  “This isn’t a present” I said to myself. “He can wait until after the holidays.”

I picked it back up after the holidays.  2×2 rib…why did I choose this?  It’s so borrrring.

I knit a few more rows.  And began to hate it.  It mocked me.

My friend asked about it.  CoffeeBoy asked about it.  “Oh I’m working on it.  Scarves take forever.” Especially when you don’t work on them because they bore you silly.

Spring came.  Well, he’s not going to wear it until winter anyway, I’d finish it before fall.

I made a scarf for his girlfriend for her birthday.  “I’ll get yours done before we move!” I told him when I gave it to her.

I did not.  We moved, the scarf came with me, laughing all the way.

I ignored it.  I worked on many other gifts.

Finally – after an email from his girlfriend who said he was jealous of her warm scarf because winter was finally in Oregon –  I decided I really need to just start over.  But with thicker yarn so it would be quicker & I wouldn’t stab my eyes out.  I also decided to do in length-wise.  I’ve decided to only do scarves that way.

Although it took me a long time to pick out a pattern that would nice knit that way and would be appropriate for a guy.  I had got a tweedy yarn, and wanted something that looked good with the flecks of colour.  And most of all, not boring to knit.

Finally I completed it. In less than a week.  I’m a bad friend for putting this off so long

The Long Promised Scarf

Started: November 16th

Finished: November 22nd

Yarn: Cascade 128 Tweed, about a skein & half, Navy Blue Tweed.

Pattern:  Length wise scarf, seed stitch edging, Basketweave stitch in the main part, stretchy bind off. Finished dimensions 6 inches by 58 inches.

Needles: Size 9US circular (to hold the stitches)

Notes:  I have gotten to point that I hate knitting scarves – they take forever & I hate going back & forth.  But length-wise scarves…those are a godsend.  I know there are a lot of patterns I can’t do like that – ribs, many cables, etc – but they go so much quicker.  Anyway, I love how this turned out – the basketweave looks neat either way and I love how it looks with this yarn

I went a size down on the suggested needle size – I wanted it pretty dense – and since I didn’t swatch (oh, I know. Hush.) I was a little uneasy by the number of stitches I cast on – 132  – I though it might be too short.  But after blocking, it came out perfect. I like this yarn, I might make one for myself out of some plain green I have.  I am also a little worried about the colour – I asked CB’s opinion but all he said was “Oh it’s nice.  He’ll like it.”  I hope so…

S – I’m sorry it took so long but I do hope it was worth it & it keeps you nice & warm

So now this is finally going in the mail for my friend – I’m not even waiting until Christmas time when I’ll see him because I put it off so long.  That is, as soon as his girlfriend sends me their address. 🙂