I am a finishing fool.

CharlieCard Mitts

Started: November 18th

Completed: November 20th

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in Rosewood, about 3/4 of a skein

 Pattern: Subway Knitter‘s Subway Mittens, winter IK 2007

Needles: Size 5US & 7US dpts

Notes:  I saw these a year ago when Subway Knitter first brought them out, but it wasn’t something I needed at that time.  After working last week & digging for my CharlieCard everyday, I realized how great they are and I needed them RIGHT NOW. Especially since I’m starting a new job tomorrow. (not as long as a commute, thank goodness).



(For those who are not aware of how the Boston T works, instead of swiping a card or feeding it in a machine, you actually tap or wave it in front of the reader.  A lot of people just wave their wallets or name tags or whatever.  With these, you can just wave your hand in front of the reader)

I love how the yarn striped on the mitts itself but not the pocket.  Ah well.  I also made these fingerless because I like having my fingers free – I thought about making just gloves or a version of knucks but I wanted these immediatly.   I ribbed the top for an inch or two with the smaller needles so they would be snug.  I also left off the flap & button – the card is in there snug enough – it doesn’t normally stick out like the picture, that’s just for show.  These are also a little big on me…gauge swatch?  What gauge swatch?  Heh.   In any case, these will be nice for my next weeks commute.

By the way, yes, that is SNOW in the background!  It won’t be around long but I’m excited about seeing snow – it happened so rarely in Portland.

Also NaKniSweMo?  Yeah, I’m a failure.  We aren’t going anywhere for Thanksgiving so maybe I’ll buckle down & finish Mr. Greyjeans.

My backyard with the first snow of the year!