Meet Mya, a dragon for my baby niece.

Her name is from the novel Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke – one of my favourite kids authors.  I even like her more that J.K. (shhhhh).  Thief Lord & Inkheart are my favourites and I wasn’t in love with Dragon Rider until I heard the audio book read by Brandon Fraiser.  That made me love it.  And have a little crush on him.

Unfortunatly, she looks nothing like the dragons in that book.  If I had been a bit more clever, I would have made her silver.  But don’t tell her that.

Mya the Reckless

Started: November 16th

Completed: November 19th

Yarn: KnitPicks Crayon in Green & Yellow

Pattern: Norberta (from Knitty again, I think my last 6 FOs have been Knitty patterns)

Needles:  Size 5US (my new KnitPicks Harmony needles!)

Notes:  This was quick and fun, though they yarn, knit double on smaller needles, hurt my hands if I knit on her too much.  I’m not thrilled about the sewing up – the hind legs are kind of wonky & I think I sewed them oddly.  But she still sits up.


I got the eyes at Jo-Anns, finally finding the safety eyes.  And those suckers are in…ask me about putting both eyes on the WRONG side first.  I don’t think a baby would be able to get them.  And although I wish they were black & white, the brown looks fine.


I just hope my niece likes her.  She’s very soft (the dragon I mean, although I guess my niece is soft as well) and cuddly so she’ll withstand many hugs.  I will definitely use Crayon again for toys.

 One more Christmast gift down!  I think I have 6 left…