Is that a crime?

After a long week of working (I did like the work a lot, I worked at a trade show, talking to people, giving out nametags. Plus I could knit in between people!), I was so drained, I didn’t really even look at the computer that much! So I didn’t update when I said I would. Ah well. But I have been knitting a lot, so I have some sock FOs to show off. (and a new WiP)

First of all, last weekend I made a pair of socks. Quickest pair of socks I’ve ever made!

Grandma’s Thuja

Started: November 9th

Finished: November 11th

Yarn : Blue Moon Socks That Rock heavyweight mill end, possibly a version of Covelite?

Pattern: Thuja

Needles: Size 4US

Notes: This yarn started out as the Chevron scarf, but I didn’t like how it was turning out so I frogged & decided I wanted to make my grandmother some warm socks. I finished this up in 2 days! I hope she likes them, I mean I don’t mind the pooling or the non matching socks, but I don’t want her to think it’s ugly – although this is my grandmother and I think grandmothers are required to love everything their grandchildren give them. I adore working with STR, but you can tell this is a mill end as there were little spots of non colour – I do kind of like that speckled look though. Anyway, one more Christmas gift down!

And, since I spent at least 3 hours a day commuting, I finally finished the Monkey socks I started so long ago

Raupe Monkey

Started: July 12th

Completed: November 15th

Yarn: Opal Rainforest in Raupe (Caterpillar)

Pattern: The famous Monkey socks

Needles: 1.5Us (2.5mm)

Notes: I have been working on these forever, but to be honest, they were my commuting socks – and it’s a 45 minute train ride (and that’s only 1 way) to Boston from here so I had lots of time this week to work on them. Also, these are smallest needle size I’ve ever used in socks (that I’ve finished – there’s a size 1US single sock floating around without a mate.) so that took some time. Anyway, I don’t think there’s much more I can say about this pattern that hasn’t been said – I liked it, it was my first lacey type sock pattern so that was fun, and it works really well with the yarn colours.

Opal isn’t my favourite yarn to work with but the socks wear like iron – I wash & wear my Parrot socks about once a week & they still look great. So I’ll put up with the non softness of the yarn for socks that will last a very long time.

Since I finished my traveling sock, I had to CO on another pair.

This is with the Ashabee Fiber Oasis yarn I bought awhile ago – I have been staring at this yarn this week, trying to decide what to do with it…and then just went with a basic sock – no patten, just knit knit knit. I completed this while watching American Gangster yesterday (excellent movie by the way). A good purse knitting sock.

You might notice my KnitPicks Harmony needles there. Believe the hype – I adore these needles. I only got two size – 1US and 5US – but I want to only use these for everything, especially after the 1.5US needles I was using for the Monkey socks – the yarn didn’t really slide that easily on them but these needles are slick. The only thing that annoys me is the size 5s dpts are 8 inches long – I prefer them between 6 & 7 inches. But I’ll live. I really should break down & get the Options set…maybe I should convince CoffeeBoy what a great gift they would be.

I have other WiPs going on but I’ll save those for another post. Until then, here’s a pretty picture of Boston I took after getting off work the other day.