I don’t know what my problem is lately.  I swear, I’m getting more forgetful & losing my mind.  Case in point:  Yesterday I went into Boston to get my paycheck, meet my best friend for lunch, & do a little shopping (not yarn for once, but I had planned on stopping at Windsor to pick up some yarn for a long promised scarf.).  So I get off the subway stop where I get my check – a building I have been to before & is only like 2 blocks away from the stop.  But I, brilliant as I am, wandered around for an HOUR looking for it – and I had my map with me!  But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing.  I’m actually pretty good at reading a map (all my years of watching The Amazing Race prepped me for it) but I failed big time yesterday.

After depositing my check in the ATM, I made my way to Back Bay to meet my best friend & her husband for lunch, where they gave me directions to the H&M near there.  After wandering around for another half hour looking for it & not finding it, I just went back to State Street H&M because I do need more “professional” clothes for office work, since my usual uniform at Borders was jeans.  When I finally picked out some nice pieces (in a size larger than I wore a few months ago – sigh), I went to pay and realized that my debit card was gone.  The only time I had it out was when I deposited my paycheck…which means I left it in the ATM.  I have never, in my 15 years or so of having an ATM card of some sort, done that.  Luckily, it doesn’t seem like anyone grabbed it or pulled out money from my account, but still, I had to call CoffeeBoy to cancel the card as I didn’t have any information on me.  I just feel so stupid.  I was so upset, I ended up not going to the yarn store & just went home (I did have cash on me, luckily).  Maybe I should have touched some yarn.

I haven’t even mentioned the dumb things I did the night before – nearly setting the oven on fire, breaking the oven door AGAIN after CB fixed it, washing a load of white clothes…with a red sock.  Sigh.

Okay, now for some knitting stuff.

I totally skipped WiP Wednesday this week – let’s chalk that up to my dumbness this week.  So here’s just an updated NaKniSweMo report:

Slowed down a bit, but I’m about halfway through the cabled rib.  It’s not very exciting – I do like making sweaters in the round because I don’t like seaming, on the other hand, each row takes forever.  In any case, I can’t wait to finish this, it’s actually going to go well with the new clothing I bought yesterday – all of the pieces were black & grey.

Here’s a close up of the cable rib – I do like it.

I would have gotten farther with Mr. Greyjeans…if I didn’t keep distracting myself with small projects.  For example I made yet another ribbed hat.

Cashmere Island Hat

Started: November 6th

Completed: November 8th

Yarn: Noro Cashmere Island, 1 skein (and I mean 1 whole skein – I have about 6 inches left of it)

Pattern: CO 92 stitches (I think, it may have been 96), worked 2×2 until it was long enough, then decreased.

Needles: size 7US circ & dpts

Notes:  I can’t seem to stop making this – it’s my project when I don’t want to concentrate on anything, plus it’s good for those single skeins I keep buying.  This one came along when I realized I don’t really have any warm neutral hats that would go with my Central Park Hoodie or my maroon jacket I wear when it’s colder – my usual head covering is my Panta (purple) or one of my brightly striped hats.  So I pulled out the Cashmere Island yarn I bought on clearance quite awhile back & just cast on.  While I still don’t have a plain black hat, I like that this will go with most of my outerwear.  I like the stripes, but I’m sad because there was a brighter blue in it too, but it ended up only being on the decreases.  Ah well, the joys of Noro.  I’ve never worked with Cash Island before, but I do like it – it’s very warm, and soft (the cashmere 30%) but not too soft (the wool 60% – the other 10% is nylon).  I think it’s perfect for hats.

 I did pick up the new Interweave Knits yesterday – I always end up buying it, but it’s rare I make anything from it. I do just enjoy reading it.  I’m not too excited about the sweater patterns in this one, but I must make Subway Knitter‘s CharlieCard Mittens (I realize they are now called Subway Mittens, but that’s they were called originally & that’s what I’ll be using them for), especially when I had to rummage around for my card yesterday.  Luckily, I have plenty of Cascade 220 around & I just placed an order the other day at KnitPicks for some yarn & a pair of size 5 dpt Harmony needles – for some reason, I keep buying size 5 dpts but keep having issues with them – too short, too bendy.  So I hope these will work out – by the way, I’ll post the KnitPicks order stuff next week when I get it.

I’m also utterly in love with this bag from IK


I think I need to figure out how to felt in my washer…or maybe convince my mom to make it for me since she loves to make felted bags.  I just love the cable detail on it.

On a final note, chocolate lovers, check out where I’m going tomorrow with some girlfriends.  Chocolate Buffet.  Man, what did I get myself into?  I’m going to need to buy even more new clothes in larger sizes!  Heh.